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  1. Kerwin
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    The problem with schedule changes is that people don’t put contact information in their reservations. So when the changes occur, the airlines/travel agencies/ticket providers have no way to contact them. So the customers show up at the airport on day of departure and either have no reservations or have missed their flight, etc. Some of the schedule changes can be very, very bad.

    Also, what happens is that people buy tickets on different airlines in order to save money, so when the schedule changes occur they are sometimes hosed since the trips no longer match up.

    Really the customer needs to be aware of all these things when purchasing their tickets. Its not always about that low fare.

    The nature of the industry as you know is that changes are made to the schedule for several reasons.

  2. Joelfreak
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    I find it amazing how airlines and some other travel companies are able to operate in ways that NO OTHER business could, and they continue to receive protections other industries could only WISH for. In MOST businesses, if what you contract for is changed, or cannot be delivered as ordered, you MUST be given the option to cancel/renegotiate. This is NOT true for airlines, however. This reminds me of the fuss airlines made about the tarmac rule, as if having to feed people and allow them basic human conveniences was something that needed to be REGULATED, but amazingly, it DID.

  3. Joelfreak
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    If I were to order a shirt, and I ordered the shirt in XL and in green, and the store sent me an orange shirt in L…they can’t FORCE me to take it.