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  1. jetsetr
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    Maybe you can answer this, maybe not.

    Four family members, all have independent BA Avios accounts. Combined all accounts into a household account.

    Wife and I signed up for BMI Diamond Club this past summer, when it was still independent from BA Avios (even though IAG had already completed acquisition). We were supposed to get 1000 Diamond Club Points each for signup, and then the idea was to “Combine My Avios.” Only the Diamond Club points never appeared. Think there’s still any chance of getting those points so that we can combine BMI -> BA?

    Tangentially, also did the same thing with signing up kids for Iberia Kids accounts, but even though the kids’ IB points showed up, the BA Combine My Avios tool doesn’t seem to allow the transfer from IB to BA (perhaps because we have a BA household account?)

    Any thoughts? Thanks.

  2. Cat
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    jetsetr, i also did the same and unsuccessful at getting those points into my BA account. Please let me know if you ever find an answer (and I’ll do the same)! Thanks!

  3. Oliver
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    I just got three letters from BMI in the mail for three members of my household that are part of my household account (long since emptied into my BA account) advising them of the deadline of Dec 31 to do something with their zero point account balance.

    Interestingly, *I* didn’t get one.

    I guess they have a certain marketing budget for the year that they are burning through with useless mailings to keep the remaining staff busy.