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  1. MileageUpdate
    MileageUpdate at |

    “don’t require any time to be spent on a plane”. Thats heresy dude. There has to be a little getaway someone could find to get those MQMs. Thats one of the best ways to travel. A cool trip and the MQMs to bump to the next level. Then again on Dec 20 I might need a few more and then it might make perfect sense to pay up.

  2. LC
    LC at |

    Hmmm…The question comes down to do I “tie up my time with BNC (butt in seat) travel or give up the cash for the add’l MQMs I need?”

  3. Erik
    Erik at |

    Makes no sense for those desperate for DL status. Why not just pay the $450 annual fee for the Delta Reserve Amex card? It gives you 10K MQMs after first purchase, some Sky Club passes, plus some other benefits. See http://www304.americanexpress.com/getthecard/learn-about/Delta-Reserve