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  1. Jon
    Jon at |

    Too bad there is no Passbook equivalent for Android or iPad devices.

  2. David
    David at |

    I must be blind. I have this app on my phone, but I can’t find anything like “link me to passbook” option from that app…

  3. Xavier
    Xavier at |

    @David The app has not been updated on App Store. You should be able to add your card to passbook once you update to the newer version. As of 8:35 ET, the update is not yet available on App Store.

  4. Xavier
    Xavier at |

    It seems like you can get passbook through SPG’s website…

  5. Joshua Pickles
    Joshua Pickles at |

    Per instructions:

    ” How can I download my SPG Member Card and Stay Pass in Passbook?
    • Today, you can simply download your SPG Member Card in Passbook by visiting spg.com/passbook and clicking the “Add your card to Passbook” button.”

    But there is NO button on that page!

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