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  1. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    Seth, this was a one time balance sheet transaction to allow EY to infuse cas into the company without expanding its stake. Don’t read too much into it… EYs own programme is run by a third party service provider (ICLP?) which is the reason behind the 170 partners and innovative products like pointspay (which is run by loylogic, BTW).

  2. Carl
    Carl at |

    It usually doesn’t end up being a good thing for airline elite customers and even the airline to have an independent company running the loyalty program – divergent interests come into play.

  3. Brian
    Brian at |

    Indeed. Look at Air Canada and Aeroplan. What once was a profit centre for the airline is now a cost centre for the airline. Bad for frequent flyers.

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  5. Ryan O'Malley
    Ryan O'Malley at |

    Will the short term profit offset the loss?

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