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  1. Carsten Varming
    Carsten Varming at |

    I think you will realize that your picnic will be a lot better than the standard BOB food on the usual suspects. The few times I have been on RyanAir I ended up buying a good sandwich in Stansted Airport, and it matched my expectation perfectly.

    My only beef with RyanAir and Easyjet is that they are often only the cheapest airlines for a given route before the list of additional fees, and RyanAir often doesn’t fly to the place you want to go, so you end up adding expensive or time consuming land transport at your destination. So a passenger should always check the usual suspects before making a RyanAir booking.

  2. Armand
    Armand at |

    Still amazed me that they can fly that cheap. You cannot drive your car for the same distance for what they are charging you. Even with those extra fees which in reality they are just breaking to you so you know how much is the actual fare and the other cost.

    Enjoy your quick trip.

  3. omp
    omp at |

    enjoy Budapest:)

    and yes they are terrible.2 years ago i took a BTS-LPA flight and it was the worst experience ever.boarding isn’t just a mess,it’s simply ridiculous …the seats recline:well..there is no recline.but u know what the worst thing was that the FAs simply won’t sh@t up!they we’re trying to sells us EVErYTHING from local SIM cards to metro/bus passes and post stamps….lol

  4. AVFlyer
    AVFlyer at |

    Oh…this is going to be fun. Keep us updated on the experience. 700 miles for $50…wow!

  5. Gerard
    Gerard at |

    Nothing wrong with Ryan air… it’s just that you need to abide by the rules they publish concerning luggage and printing your boarding pass yourself. Don’t do that and you have to pay excessively at check-in.

    But rates are normally cheap and their fleet is good.

  6. Unhappy 1K
    Unhappy 1K at |

    Just make sure your backpack doesn’t weigh more than 8kg so they don’t try to make you check it for a billion dollars.

  7. MilesFromBlighty
    MilesFromBlighty at |

    Easyjet is luxury in comparison to Ryan Air

  8. Tracy T.
    Tracy T. at |

    Yes it will be a mess! Although if you have an assigned seat it might not be so bad. I flew RyanAir back in 2008 Belfast City – London Stanstead and I don’t remember having assigned seating (think WN’s open seating policy.) There were 3 of us flying together so we took the 2nd row from the back. They boarded from both the front and back doors, but there didn’t seem to be any organization to it. Passengers just pushed through the gate area and then ran to whichever door they prefered. For a short flight, you’ll be fine.

  9. Marcus
    Marcus at |

    Ah, RyanAir! That airline and EasyJet were my go-to choices when I backpacked around Europe (I studied abroad in England). Like Carsten mentioned, with RyanAir you have to double-check that you’re really arriving in the main airport, not some out-of-the-way place. Their Paris and Barcelona airports are like that.

    I preferred EasyJet because they often flew into the same airports as the major carriers.

    Have fun in Europe! Some of the best times of my life.

  10. srptraveller
    srptraveller at |

    If you search on youtube for ‘cheap flights’ you get an excellent summary of how your flight will go by Fascinating Aida – look for the women in the purple dresses it should be the first result

  11. MK
    MK at |

    So we’ll be seeing pictures of you in the cargo hold, only this time at 35K feet?

  12. N
    N at |

    As an American, be sure to remember to take your (obviously pre-printed) boarding pass and passport to the Document Check Desk before you clear security. Nobody at the gate will do this for you and you have to do this even on intra-Schengen flights. As far as I can tell, the only purpose of this rule is to make flying nastier. http://www.ryanair.com/en/questions/non-eu-eea-passengers-document-check-requirements-for-online-check-in

    But, as long as you follow every single rule, you’ll be surprised how painless the experience is, though the $15 for the exit row is worth every penny.

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