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  1. Jon P
    Jon P at |

    Disappointed, only because I fear there could be more downgrades like this to come. For someone who would rather book into SQ, LH or TG first with miles I’m not too worried, but still.. :/

  2. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    It’s disappointing, but ultimately not something i’m going to get too upset over (especially if this really does represent the only major change to the program for 2013).

  3. Cristina
    Cristina at |

    Except that SQ F is unbookable from UAMP anyway

    We just hope that OZ and NH doesn’t tighten their F redemptions

  4. Traveller
    Traveller at |

    So what does this mean? Are there saver awards or not? Not that I would pay first for UA if I co usd get LH or other

  5. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    If this is moving from ON to O… that’s a big upgrade for the lower teir MP members right?

  6. JD
    JD at |


    From the flyertalk thread[1]:

    “we will begin using ON exclusively for upgrades into United Global First and United First on 3-cabin aircraft effective February 1, 2013.”


    “We’ll also continue to offer better access to Saver Awards in United First (on 2-cabin aircraft), United BusinessFirst and United Business for Premier Platinum members and above, and better access to Saver Awards in United Economy for all Premier members.”

    So the space is still there but just for upgrades.

    1. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/united-mileageplus-consolidated/1418844-changes-o-coming-feb-1-2013-a.html

  7. Nick
    Nick at |

    Didn’t pre-merger United not have special saver award for elites? I don’t think it makes that much difference, although I’m not sure why they couldn’t just add another fare class for upgrade space.

  8. Nick
    Nick at |

    No special saver in F I meant, I know they had saver in Y.

  9. Carl
    Carl at |

    this is actually horrible news, i actually find the ON space from time to time on my HNL-NRT-BKK flights and it is a bargain at 50k miles one way and so easy to book on the website.

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  12. Michael D
    Michael D at |

    What will be the Fare Classes for
    Standard First Awards,
    First Saver Awards
    Business to First on a three class flight Upgrade
    Coach to Business on a three class flight Upgrade
    Coach to First on a two class flight Upgrade?

    If only O fare class for Saver and Standard awards, how will that work? For xO the first x request no matter if they are Saver or Standard will be fulfilled?