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  1. The Weekly Flyer
    The Weekly Flyer at |

    Interesting and at a high cost.

    Most valuable product in this case would be…miles.

  2. Copa
    Copa at |

    $37K is not at all a bad price if you work the system correctly. That’s six-ish F awards to Asia, off the top of my head. Go the long way at 140K each and stop in Europe while flying the international partner as opposed to UA metal, and you’re well under the retail cost of those tickets, and probably below the cost of accruing the miles even with credit card help.

  3. bmvaughn
    bmvaughn at |

    Given the restriction that you can only give away 100,000mi per person and that they expire in 1yr, this is a pretty awful deal.

    If you could straight-out buy for yourself and there was no expiration attached, one could potentially stretch the redemptions to make it an at-cost deal.

  4. bmvaughn
    bmvaughn at |

    It’s pretty obvious the niche they are going for… a manager with no status with a spare $10k in budget lying around who has 5 employees that he wants to give spot bonuses to in the form of miles (e.g. “you’ve been working hard during this long project, you all deserve a vacation, here’s 50k miles).

    Manager makes employees happy, gets silver status for himself.

    Now, any employee would obviously prefer the $2k in cash, but they probably would have little idea the cost to obtain the miles. If I randomly got 50k miles from my boss, I’d wonder where they came from, but I wouldn’t feel entitled to say “give me the cash instead”.

    It’s a niche play by United. I doubt they’ll sell much, but I can see them selling a few at the silver level.

  5. DaninSTL
    DaninSTL at |

    You are buying the miles at a premium to get the status which could help you down the road.

    Seems like a good idea from United. I don’t know when they started this promo or if it’s ongoing. Seems like something that should be released in November or December when managers are looking to pad the budget.

  6. ffi
    ffi at |

    Been there done that analysis, but not for 1 yr of Gold.
    For that money LT Plat on AA was doable in 2011 for 2.
    I would think a much better use of money for a lifetime of status if one got started early enough.

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  8. Ray
    Ray at |

    Are there any ways to buy lifetime status?

  9. randy petersen
    randy petersen at |

    Seth, in an apples-to-apples you aren’t really buying RDMs at that price (2.1 cents) since there is a cost of acquisition — the actual airfare for each transaction. Granted there are sneaky ways around that but in a fair-to-fair comparison this likely looks much different because there is no apparent acquisition cost on the million miles other than the single transaction cost.

  10. sandeep
    sandeep at |

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