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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I am not sure that this really changes anything for many people in the Delta M&P community. Those that fall below the threshold due to MRing might shift a lot of spend to the Delta card… Or create fake spend.

  2. Tom
    Tom at |

    It doesn’t really matter if you meet minimum spend requirements if you can no longer meet MQM requirements due to the catastrophic devaluation of the partner earning chart. I really see these changes as highly detrimental to the program. Oh, for the days of six major US carriers battling it out.

  3. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    The partner earnin changes are just more of the same. The company wants to reward passengers who are profitable to them. Flying on partners doesn’t meet that criteria. I think that the lack o a carve-out for joint venture flights is a mistake but otherwise I see it as a smart business move. Not necessarily going to make all customers happy, but that’s not what business is about.

  4. Oliver2002
    Oliver2002 at |

    Watch out for some announcements with *A this year too, its in the work since >6 months. The Starnet FFP database is almost done upgrading to track the actual spend per coupon reported into the database.

  5. Cristina
    Cristina at |

    Even if they want to encourage people flying their own metal, the spend should be calculated as such :

    100% if own metal or JV routes
    75% if JV partners but non-Jv-routes or code shared
    50% if intra-alliance partner

    The loophole I see if That they could force a totally unrelated ticket to 006 stock

  6. Gary
    Gary at |

    I’ve actually given this a good deal of thought over the past many months. I don’t think total revenue is the right way for an airline to value a frequent flyer for its own bottom line. But total miles flown isn’t inherently right either.

    To be clear, I like marrying spend and miles flown COMPARED TO JUST SPEND.

    And I’m not saying this is the right level of spend (or that 100k or 125k is the right number of miles).

    But it’s not at all unreasonable to say “we won’t award Diamond status to a customer spending less than $3000.” Is $12.5k the right number? or $25k? I don’t have a strong claim there although I am guessing it’s not $25k.

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