Aerolineas Argentinas looks to significant international growth

It seems that Aerolineas Argentinas is looking to grow their international route map significantly. The carrier is looking to add five new destinations around the globe, including three in the United States. The carrier is apparently in the process of negotiating access to these markets through bilateral treaties. Given that Aerolineas Argentinas only has five destinations currently outside of South America this would be an enormous upgrade to their route map. The proposed destinations are Atlanta, Las Vegas, Detroit, Guangzhou and Tel Aviv.

As best as I can tell there is no way that the Guangzhou flight can be served non-stop. Detroit and Atlanta are both hubs for SkyTeam partner Delta so if they can negotiate the treaties picking up traffic in one of those to carry on to China sortof makes sense, but it seems unlikely that such access will be easily forthcoming. Tagging it on to Tel Aviv might make sense, but I have no idea what the traffic demand is on that local hop or if they could secure traffic rights.

Or I suppose it is possible that my French is bad enough that I’m completely misunderstanding the story I’m reading and getting some of these details from. But I’m pretty sure that’s not the case.

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Seth Miller

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  1. God forbid anyone from flying Aerolineas Argentinas. I have done it once on GRU X EZE X AKL X SYD and back and hope never more in my life I hop on a flight in this carrier.

  2. One thing to think about is that CAN is CZ’S hub, the new “canton road” program at CZ can help AR to take passengers either from or to the greater China and southeast asia, even the Oceania. And I think the EZE-CAN is way too long to have a non-stop as well, maybe they will stop in Cape Town I suppose? But that will bring visa problems for Chinese passengers as they are required to have a visa to south africa even only for transit.

  3. The text says passengers and/or cargo so CAN could be cargo only, but they don’t currently have dedicated freighters.

    Wikipedia says they’re looking at leasing A330s and then buying A350s or B787s to replace their A340s in a few years.

  4. They’ve pulled the AKL stop out on the SYD flights now, FWIW.

    I don’t think that JNB would happen as the stop point for a variety of reasons, most of which include that they didn’t include that on the list of new destinations. And I would bet that 5th freedom rights are hard to come by there these days.

    TLV and SYD as a stopping point are, interestingly enough, almost identical in distance traveled. It is less than 500 miles different on a 12,000 mile trip.

    The earth is a strange place some days.

  5. The absolute worst carrier! Always on strike and employees block only highway to the airport regardless of airline you are flying! Government corruption.

  6. Nothing specific said about how one would get to CAN, but you are right it is not possible nonstop. It would make only 1000 miles difference if routed through LAS as it would TLV.

  7. I just Googled that and they were approved by the government to fly those routes about a week ago. I also found out that they are/were approved to fly to New York, Montreal, Tokyo, Manila and Taipei for a long time but they are not doing it yet so I won’t be expecting those flights to start any time soon. Just my $0.02

  8. AA, was granted these routes (Atlanta, Las Vegas, Detroit, Tel Aviv y Guangzhou) back in 1999. Yes, when the country was quite a different thing al-together!
    Now the came with this “empty” threat of announcement due to two facts:
    a* Promised such development to be able to be part of SkyTeam, working as code-share with DL
    b* Grand-standing for the public, as it is a government owned corporation.
    Reality check:
    * AA/Embraer, “extra” commission payments on purchase
    US$ 690 millions for 20 airplanes
    * AA’s operational deficit: Three years = US$2.000 millions to cover 90% of the Op Deficit. NO investments!
    * 12.000 employees, mostly through patronage/nepotism.
    * Do not forget the MIA incident with the AF plane, as the pilot was “texting”, probably home, telling his wife: Honey, I’m in Miami!

  9. All these destinations will be served via SkyTeam partners and do not involve any flying with AR metal to the above named airports. US destinations are to be served via MIA with DL. TLV is via FCO with AZ, and CAN is with CZ via SYD. A previous batch of codeshares is already being sold and they are TXL and MUC with KL via AMS.

    To Carolco – you are entitled to your opinion but no to lying. It really makes you look bad. Not a single thing you write on here is true. A shame really. None of the above merits a response, but you have no right to slander the reputation of the Captain of AR1304. The pilot texting?: That is why AR boasts the best safety record of all airlines from Mexico down to Antarctica. Shame on you!

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