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  1. Jerry
    Jerry at |

    The limited JJ availability maybe due to JJ/LA merger?

  2. Laura
    Laura at |

    How about business or first awards PDX-Milan mid June for two weeks?

  3. Guil
    Guil at |

    Having some trouble finding business seats on ORD-MUC direct in september on United… if you were looking for a challenge 🙂 I also would not mind finding an upgradeable revenue fare on that flight.

  4. harvson3
    harvson3 at |

    Does CA ever release award inventory from CTU or CKG to JZH? That flight starts at around $400 and lasts 45 minutes, but saves one a loooong bus trip. The ANA tool doesn’t seem to think so.

    Unlike other commenters, I ask out of curiosity, not out of any immediate need.

  5. Ananth
    Ananth at |

    Kinda OT, but transferring Amex for the BCN-GRU SQ flight might also make some sense.

  6. MEOW
    MEOW at |

    LAX-IST, J on TK….seems to have very limited availability…would love to be proved wrong!

  7. Fábio Vilela
    Fábio Vilela at |

    The big problem about TAM is that they barely release award space. But when they do, 99% of the time are to *A partners. TAM usually blocks them to their own frequent flyers. I even made a post about it, when I was able to find First Class space using United Miles on TAM, and not using TAM frequent flyer program – http://passageirodeprimeira.com/2013/01/25/tam-fidelidade-bloqueia-assentos-com-pontos-para-os-proprios-clientes-e-libera-para-cias-parceiras/

    I have an award booking service in Brazil and I was never able to get an award on a TAM flight using their own points on Fidelidade program.
    These routes that TAM operates leaving from Brazil are extremely profitable since there are no or only few competitors. So of course for them is better to sell the seat since there is a high demand for that, than to offer it as an award.

  8. Brazilflyer
    Brazilflyer at |

    Fabio Viela is right (his blog is good, too). TAM Fidelidade is a crap program for international award space.

    If you’re searching for Star Alliance options out of Sao Paulo to Europe, consider including Campinas’ Viracopos airport in with GRU (code VCP). It’s less than 1.5 hrs outside Sao Paulo, is a growing international airport and has TAP service to Portugal.

  9. Ranerio
    Ranerio at |

    I guess the request is not to find any award available, but to see them available on TAM flights on United website, being able to book it.

  10. Ranerio
    Ranerio at |

    Hmm indeed. It has been hard to book any award flights on TAM own’s website lately, as per the previous post, it even shows up to partner *A booking systems but not on TAM itself on the “saver level” award.
    I tried now some routes on C and F and it is showing a whopping 300.000 miles one way each.

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  12. ed
    ed at |

    Seems that JJ inventory intra-SA isn’t loaded 331 days out. It looks to be about 3 months, AFAICT.

  13. Fábio Vilela
    Fábio Vilela at |

    It’s true Ed and is written on their terms and conditions. JJ inventory intra-South American is only released with 3 months in advance. All other international destinations including booking *A members with 6 months in advance. It’s impossible to book any award with 331 days out.