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  1. abcx
    abcx at |

    So this in addition to DL miles (EQM and RDM incl. CoS and elite bonuses) and whatever credit card points you earn (3x Amex PRG)?

  2. matt
    matt at |

    Cautiously positive, but nervous that this is step1 in moving all earning over a revenue basis.

  3. Maza
    Maza at |

    When does this go into effect? Any word on an official communication from SPG or Delta?

  4. Chris
    Chris at |

    Where’d you get this info?

  5. Andy
    Andy at |

    how can i link my SPG to Delta? and when will this be effective?

  6. Reader
    Reader at |

    Why are you not crediting LoyaltyLobby.com, the source for your post and the FlyerTalk and MilePoint threads?

  7. Alan
    Alan at |

    @Seth This is interesting if this it comes to fruition, but I am sure it will get tweaked (to our detriment) in time.

    @Reader: I was just about to say that I read it on the Loyalty Lobby site first too, then it appeared on here and FT. Good eye!

  8. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    Based on official T&C, the upgrade benefit is not included. Probably should update the blog entry.

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