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  1. MileageUpdate
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    The only plus I see is a nice lead time so you can get your travel plans squared up.

  2. Muerl
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    I would not be surprised if its the Latter, some kind of corporate bad blood over the mess that got generated there.

    I would be surprised if it was the former, though I don’t pretend to get Airline business synergy It would seem that the link between ANC/SEA and KEF would strengthen the relationship feeding into each other’s hubs.

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  4. abcx
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    This is almost definitely the HI deal which the blogs blew out of proportion.

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  7. Richard Davis
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    Consider this, Alaska is losing its bragging rights as a “family-style” organization. It has outsourced its ground crew (would a real family do that?) and even the lowest ranking part-time CSA has to pay $40 in union dues every month. Not a small amount considering they are paid about $12 an hour and might be working 20 hours a month. If you would like to read about what its like to be interviewed by AS, which might also be why service is in a nosedive, click http://survivingtermination.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/double-tree-double-despair-alaska-airlines-cattle-call/

  8. Tania
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    Hi Seth,

    I have 60,000 iceland air miles, bought them just like everyone else hoping to redeem them for Hawaii but never got to it. I’m concerned that after May I’ll have no good use of it. What do you recommend I do with those 60K miles.

    Ironically, I am going to be in Seattle at the end of month but have no way home to Atlanta yet. Should I use them for that or is there a better use? And I apologize, but how do I find what Alaska air flights are eligible for redeeming for iceland air miles?

    Thanks for your help.

  9. Richard Davis
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    I think the point is that a family probably doesn’t need a union. Enjoy your blog and the airline ad dollars it brings in. Church and state dude, church and state.

  10. Barbara
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    Will Alaska transfer our bags to Icelandic air?