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  1. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    I was thinking of staying at the Grand Hyatt on a future Hong Kong booking, but now that the Conrad is going up from 50K to 80K points, I figure I might as well go there instead and drain my account. Sad, but then I was never a big Hilton fan to begin with.

  2. Ryan E
    Ryan E at |

    Damn, that’s a huge hit all around. HHonors was always pricey to begin with but people used to justify it by saying how easy it is to earn HHonors points.

    With the major devaluations this year, and some like PCR that already had some last year… how much is it really worth chasing hotel loyalty programs anymore?

  3. kyunbit
    kyunbit at |

    70K for a night at a Hampton! :O

  4. FlyingBear
    FlyingBear at |

    Are all these chains conspiring to look Club Carlson look better by the day?

  5. dealswelike
    dealswelike at |

    Wow, this is really a huge devaluation. Making me think twice about my vanilla reload cards 🙂

  6. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    You see everyone seem to think the folks in the travel arena are stupid; all the changes I’ve seen coming out shows they are not.

    Seth, users will get over the changes and move on. Also there are new people everyday who do not know how “good” it was.

    Like anything else, you, travelers, will look for the value where it lies.

  7. Christian
    Christian at |

    At this point, can an additional Hyatt devaluation be expected in the near future? I’m sure they will feel like they are leaving too much on the table. Despite what we may think, hotel points and miles are about rewarding activity and not loyalty. Until the next recession or attack dramatically weakens the hotel industry, we will only see negative changes as the brands grow stronger.

  8. Diane
    Diane at |

    Looks like we’ll be burning and moving on. Hilton has always been our primary hotel – never less than 100 nights a year but I’m tired of having my loyalty rewarded with ever diminishing returns.

  9. J
    J at |

    Stunningly aggressive changes, will burn balance asap and focus on Starwood + Hyatt.

  10. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    I wonder when SPG and HGP will go kaput, then. 😉

  11. Tara
    Tara at |

    @FlyingBear Yeah that was my first thought, Club Carlson is looking like the winner now! Hopefully they don’t jump on the deval bandwagon!

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  13. RQ
    RQ at |

    Elites already got the 5th night free with GLON awards. So they’re not really adding a benefit…. they’re just rewording an existing benefit

  14. Miguel
    Miguel at |

    @RQ, they are actually making it worst and less flexible, as you could have discounts for 4, 5 or 6 nights, no you can only have that for 5 nights.

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  16. Dave
    Dave at |

    I have 140k HHonors points, only 5k away from an AXON award! Since I’ve allocated almost all of this year’s vacation time for trips already, if I use them to book something before 3/28, it’ll have to be a domestic (I have the SW CP) trip on a long weekend. Any good, high-value candidates for this (if I’m able to get the remaining 5k points)??

  17. ed
    ed at |

    Encourage posting on twitter and facebook, the following, or similar:

    @HiltonHHonors @AmericanExpress @Citibank Years of business undermined by #HHonors devaluation. HHDiamond turns #disloyal, joins #boycott

  18. Old Flyer
    Old Flyer at |

    What about those of us who just got our Citi Reserve Hilton cards with 2 free weekend nights advertised at the highest category (7)? I recently applied and received two cards, one to use for business and one for personal. Now, in less than 2 months, my 4 free weekend nights (when I receive the awards) are limited to category 7, no longer the highest category! Did anyone else have the same experience?

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  20. B1bombervb
    B1bombervb at |

    I am using up my last HHonors points for 4 nights in Munich during Oktoberfest (old AXON = 125K.) I have lost desire to earn more, as I now call them “good for nothing!”