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  1. Sean
    Sean at |

    I guess we just have to hope for UA match on some of these flights. Glad I’m on UA to IST this month…

  2. Tracy T.
    Tracy T. at |

    This is sad news. I’m flying TK IAD-IST-CMN and back at the end of February. Since my flights will be completed before March 1st will United still credit me those miles or is March 1st the deadline to have them post? Should I credit the miles to US instead? I rarely fly them.

  3. Wandering Aramean
    Wandering Aramean at |

    Flight date is what matters so you should be fine. And US doesn’t credit the G fares AFAIK so that’s not a viable option.

  4. Harrison
    Harrison at |

    How does United treat this if a ticket was already booked specifically with so that the mileage would count on United? It’s booked long before the change date for travel in April (outbound in G, return in V).

    Am I better off emailing United proactively in advance or after the fact asking for credit? Any advice on how to try to get this credited somewhere useful since it is over 9,000 flown miles one-way.

  5. Harrison
    Harrison at |

    Is there anywhere else that I could credit the miles to at least have a chance of using them someday? I know US is not a possibility, does anybody else still count these Turkish fare classes?

  6. Andre
    Andre at |

    Thanks Seth for the heads up. I guess that I am also screwed just like Harrison. I have a IAH-IST trip set up for May booked back in November and it turns out is in G class. Any other ideasregarding these miles besides “Enjoy Istambul”?

  7. Zing
    Zing at |

    Seth, If you are, I am doing the same out of IAD.
    Would be nice to meet you!

  8. Zing
    Zing at |

    fixed email address

  9. Carl
    Carl at |

    I can join for dinner on Saturday if you decide to go 🙂

    Are TK’s classes different that UA? Is P a discounted biz class fare, or is it a discount economy? And is W analgous to UA’s W, or a much lower class?

    Seems like UA is none to happy with TK’s pricing

  10. Zing
    Zing at |

    Carl where are you departing from?

  11. izz
    izz at |

    Who said that TK M&S doesn’t accrue miles with G fares?
    Per their website, only X/Z/I fares do not accrue miles.

  12. archiTREKt
    archiTREKt at |

    What is the change fee for Turkish international reservations? Is it possible to change a purchased G ticket to a comfort class ticket?

  13. Elliot
    Elliot at |

    Any chance of doing a buy-up at the airport or with TK by phone to get into a mileage-earning fare class or are all buy-up C-class fares still treated as your original fare class for partner earning?

  14. spsdc
    spsdc at |

    Thanks Seth for posting this. I was literally about to click buy on a cheap TK summer fare which is in W class when I happened to look at your blog. I am going next week on a $450 JFK-IST G fare and back before end of month so I should be safe with that flight. This is a real shame because TK’s product is so much better than UA’s between NYC and IST and its the sort of thing that might eventually drive me away from MP since I make this trip so often on TK. It looks like TK’s Miles&Smiles still offers credit for those W/G/P fares but their award charts aren’t so great…

  15. Elliot
    Elliot at |

    Thanks, Seth. Awesome blog, as always. I emailed Aaron (UA Insider) and asked him if UA would make any exceptions as my return is on Mar. 3 and I booked in December. I realize I am likely out of luck absent buying up to another fare class but I’ll keep you posted if/when I hear back from Aaron.

  16. Carl
    Carl at |

    It certainly would simplify things if TK & LH would merge as was once rumored.

    The *A politics are definitely strange. At times TK is cited as giving Middle East coverge and the *A answer to EK & EY. But often LH & UA don’t seem to cooperate with TK on fares etc. And now it seems to be getting more competitive.

    It’s too bad because TK does have a good product.