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  1. JohnnieD
    JohnnieD at |

    Can I assume this was not announced ahead of time?? Loyalty is a one way street??? Glad we went last Feb to Paris for 110k in business for two (cc discount included)…

  2. The Miles Professor
    The Miles Professor at |

    So sad. This was such a great deal. For what it’s worth, American Airlines does not offer off-peak awards in business class.

    On the other hand, American Airlines’ off-peak award season has a much bigger window than US Airways. On American Airlines, Europe off-peak is Oct 15 – May 15 while on US Airways it’s only Jan 15 – Feb 28.

  3. Mike @ The #hustle Blog
    Mike @ The #hustle Blog at |

    Well that’s crap news…

  4. MileageUpdate
    MileageUpdate at |

    had a few good trips at those low rates. Sad to see it go.

  5. mommypoints
    mommypoints at |

    Time to go to South America then! Really is a bummer though.

  6. Jon
    Jon at |

    Wonder if they’re trying to align themselves with AA’s award chart. This may be the first of several possible devaluations.

  7. Travel Bug
    Travel Bug at |

    On the other hand, I’m really excited about the off-peak South America dates for 2014 (Feb 3 – Feb 13 & Mar 17 – Apr 3). Flights to both Rio and Sao Paulo double the long haul availability, and Brazil is starting to look like a great choice for a winter escape/spring break. The South America off-peak awards were always the most tempting for me, but South America in the winter sounds irresistible.

  8. Dan
    Dan at |

    How early does US open up their off-peak inventory? I’d love to use some miles for the wife and I to South America next year.

  9. Travel Bug
    Travel Bug at |

    @ Dan – 331 days in advance. I just put reminders on my calendar to look for available flight March 10-March 20 for the February dates, and April 21-May 8 for the March/April dates. Brazil is fabulous! The wonderful thing about flying into Rio is that you can have a diversity of experiences (city, beach, nature) without that much travel. I checked availability a lot this year – but didn’t jump on anything. The availability was decent going from Charlotte to Rio. The hurdle was finding availability from NYC to Charlotte.

  10. Gardy
    Gardy at |

    Ditto JohhnieD’s comment. Wife and I got our RT to Paris last feb for 110k also. Looks like we were part of the last group that got in on that awesome deal!

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  13. IPG
    IPG at |

    In retrospect, is this really surprising? It seems only a matter of time with all the huge discounts/bonuses on buying Dividend Miles.

  14. ken
    ken at |

    This change is very abrupt. I was looking at first class saver award rates on Monday or Tuesday. The 30,000 was available CLT to Rome, Madrid and Paris for this February.
    I have been trying to convince my girlfriend to go in style for a few days. Time to drop that idea.
    The lack of advanced warning is the most unsettling part of the change.

  15. DaninSTL
    DaninSTL at |

    Ouch. They hit my favorite award, business class to Europe for 60k, RIP

  16. stephan
    stephan at |

    Really bad. It makes you wonder what else is coming down the pipe unannounced with the merger. Don’t like the tone of this especially with absolutely no warning from US.

  17. stephan
    stephan at |

    Seth, Are you the only one who is clued in today? Where is everybody else on this???

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  19. Tracy
    Tracy at |

    Gah – I just got my bonus from work and part of it was going towards buying enough miles to go FC to England again in Feb 2014 like we did when I went home last year becuase I received the notification that I could buy double miles unti teh end of feb.

    I guess we will be going cattle coach.

    This sucks.