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  1. Jon
    Jon at |

    Where can I find the eligible fare classes? I’m booking fall travel on LH and might want to try using a GPU. Thanks!

  2. ALCO
    ALCO at |

    Any idea what the policy is for certs issued before this change? I have two that were issued back in January that I unsuccessfully tried to use, and since they are good for a year, I was going to just keep them and apply to a future LH itinerary.

    Will I need to redeposit them?

  3. A. S.
    A. S. at |

    Frankly, anyone who still gives their custom to UA…I wouldn’t go so far as to say they deserve being treated this way…oh what the heck, I would. UA is in a dark period of its history and the only way they’ll wake up and shake it off is if/when they lose half their customers. Sadly, people’s threshold for pain (in terms of corporate abuse) has become so high that very few are walking away and so UA isn’t discouraged from pulling stunts like this.

    In any case, I have some GPUs left from last year when I was a 1K (I’ve since quite UA entirely) and I plan on cashing them now before the switchover in case I want to use them on LH. I can always redeposit them later for use on UA if I want.

    I suggest the same for everyone.

  4. FYD
    FYD at |

    I think UA is pretty generous with the GPU compared to other airlines, both in number and usability on partner airlines.
    In the past, they were “day of travel” availability on LH only, which resulted in limited upgrade success on popular routes. Does anybody know if the new data provision actually will allow for automatic upgrades prior to day of travel? That would be a significant improvement in my book and I’d not mind providing the additional information to get that!

  5. A. S.
    A. S. at |

    @FYD: How can you possibly say that “UA is pretty generous with the GPU compared to other airlines…” when AA give you 8 and they can be used on any fare (even deeply discounted coach). Yes, UA gives you the ability to use on ONE partner (not plural, as you wrote), but in return you are limited to 6 (vs. 8 ) and you are also limited to booking the more expensive fares, including on that partner (LH). That’s not generous at all.

    With the rumored AA/US merger, many believe that this will change and AA will also introduce fare restrictions, but until then they are by so much far the most generous when it comes to SWUs.

  6. Kerwin
    Kerwin at |

    I think these changes occur as travelers abuse the system; so they are placing tight controls around them.

  7. sshank
    sshank at |

    This just makes the usage more cumbersome for multi segment trips like say EWR-FRA-BOM and you were planning to have a couple and use them where ever they clear. Now one would have to get 4 printed and redeposit the ones that do not clear. A real pain – perhaps that was the intended effect.

    Could they not have stopped with just the name and the confirmation number? So that you can use it for any segment that clears and accomodate re-routes such as XXX-FRA-YYY to XXX-MUC-YYY?

  8. FYD
    FYD at |

    @A.S. I can say they are generous, because:
    – UA gives you 6 after 100K miles and 2 more for every additional 50K miles! I flew 275K miles last year and received 12 GPUs – that’s pretty generous in my book and 50% more than AA would do (unless AA also adds above their treshold, which I don’t know about – never gotten close to that on AA)
    – LH gives you 2 e-upgrades, SQ doesn’t give you any and neither do plenty of other global airlines, so in the big picture (beyond UA-AA), it’s pretty generous!
    – it’s the network: between UA and LH, they cover lots of worldwide destinations I’d want to go to, certainly more than AA! The UA upgrades are therefore more valuable to me
    As all things miles/points, it is a subjective evaluation and between the number of GPU and the usefullness within a large network, I consider them valuable and the policy generous!
    If you get more out of the AA upgrades – power to you, enjoy!

  9. Tom
    Tom at |

    Certainly not good news but the days of me expecting anything but bad news from United are over. I suppose we should be glad they just didn’t yank the whole benefit. It won’t effect me as the chance of a LH same day upgrade is too risky ..if it doesn’t happen you’re in LH coach — been there, done that–never again.