A collection of oneworld transatlantic routes

Similar to last week’s post, here’s a collection of trans(north)atlantic routes offered by members of the oneworld alliance. Compared to the map from Star Alliance the network looks a bit light, but there are still a lot of options out there; nearly 100 by my initial count (and I’m sure I missed a few which y’all will remind me of, pushing the number up). And the oneworld collection is quite dispersed on the Americas side of the map, covering a lot of the Caribbean in addition to the USA, Canada and Mexico. Here’s the full collection:

For the two smaller TATL carriers in oneworld, Air Berlin and Finnair, the maps are particularly light in coverage, though Air Berlin does have a number of leisure/islands destinations with limited frequencies:

Iberia has a number of destinations, split between the USA and other countries (Note: this has been updated to remove the LatAm routes getting killed at the end of March):

American Airlines has a 20 TATL routes from what I can see (I’ve excluded BOS-LHR as that is ending soon from what I recall):

And, of course, British Airways and their coverage out of 3 London airports:

Oneworld has more coverage in the Americas than Star Alliance from a destination count; there are at least these 44 that I can find:

  • ANU
  • ATL
  • BDA
  • BGI
  • BOS
  • BWI
  • CUN
  • CUR
  • DEN
  • DFW
  • EWR
  • GUA
  • HAV
  • IAD
  • IAH
  • JFK
  • KIN
  • LAS
  • LAX
  • MCO
  • MEX
  • MIA
  • NAS
  • ORD
  • PHL
  • PHX
  • POP
  • PTY
  • PUJ
  • RDU
  • RSW
  • SAN
  • SDQ
  • SEA
  • SFO
  • SJO
  • SJU
  • TPA
  • UVF
  • VRA
  • YUL
  • YVR
  • YYC
  • YYZ

On the European side there are these 16 destinations, far fewer than what Star Alliance offers:

  • BCN
  • CDG
  • DUB
  • DUS
  • FCO
  • FRA
  • HEL
  • LCY
  • LGW
  • LHR
  • MAD
  • MAN
  • MUC
  • MXP
  • TXL
  • ZRH

The table of all the oneworld North Atlantic routes can be found here.

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Seth Miller

I'm Seth, also known as the Wandering Aramean. I was bit by the travel bug 30 years ago and there's no sign of a cure. I fly ~200,000 miles annually; these are my stories. You can connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


  1. Very informative, Seth.
    Still sad to be leaving Star Alliance. I wish there were a way to transfer some of my US miles to a Star Alliance partner… I’ll just have to get two more large trips in before the ‘change’.

  2. And a reminder, even though the N. America-DUB routes are not One World, they are a great (limited) option for folks with Avios.

  3. AA::BOS-LHR for a few more weeks….

    Also AB::POP-MUC (seasonal? I don’t see it in the schedule after a month from now) and IB::SAL-MAD.

    You might consider excluding PTY from this list on the grounds that IATA has Panama in SOA rather than CEM.

    1. Sorry about that Zz. The version with the BA map was stuck in my drafts.

      Yes, palefire, I believe that many of the AB destinations are seasonal, in addition to being 2-3x weekly service.

  4. Under the same link referenced by Ananth :


    IB is cancelling HAV, SDQ, SJU, and (south american) MVD.

    Also, it seems that many flights on IB, BA, and AB are to Caribbean and Central America (colonial links and long-haul beach markets).

    So when comparing the core markets of US+CA+MX to Europe, it’s even more lopsidedly skew towards Star Alliance (slight re-balancing after US moves to oneworld, but wouldn’t tip the scales).

  5. Seth,

    Probably should state that transatlantic here means North Atlantic, as oneworld has quite a portfolio of routes plying the South Atlantic between IB/LA and some from BA.

  6. “Probably should state that transatlantic here means North Atlantic, as oneworld has quite a portfolio of routes plying the South Atlantic between IB/LA and some from BA.”

    Star is not behind considering it has Europe S.A. routes via AV, LH, LX, TP, TK, CA, and even SQ. From GRU alone (excluding TAM), Star offers nonstops to 8 destinations in Europe. Can oneworld even match that ?

  7. Also, Star offers 2 flights between South America and Africa while oneworld offers zero. (the most neglected TATL market)

  8. make that 3 from South America to Africa (forgot to count ET’s GRU-Lome-ADD flight)

    1. Alas, Jackie, it seems that ET no longer has the GRU service. You got me all excited for a moment there, even if I was robbed the last time I visited Lome.

      ETA: Or possibly it hasn’t started yet. So I’m back to being possibly excited again.

  9. Very useful–THANK YOU–and appreciating the previous installment (Star Alliance), as well. Will there be one for SkyTeam? 🙂

    1. I’ve already started on the SkyTeam data collection, Spencer. Hopefully online by the end of the week, but I’m also traveling later in the week so no promises.

  10. @Seth : Technically it won’t start until June 1st, and technically it’s a triangular routing with both GIG and GRU in play :

    Addis Ababa – Lome – Rio de Janeiro – Sao Paulo
    Sao Paulo – Lome – Addis Ababa

    1. If you go to the page with the table linked at the end of the post you should be able to copy/paste that into Excel and “work” it reasonably. I’ll see about porting the data to Google Docs or similar but the limitations of the host are stifling sometimes.

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