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  1. vince l
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    thanks seth!

  2. D
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    brilliant. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to wrack my brains for the cities *A carriers fly to.

  3. Jf
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    Very interesting. Looks like a couple might have been missed. LOT WAW to ORD and TK IST to ORD.

  4. Jf
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    Scratch the comment on WAW to ORD, looks like you have it.

  5. Mike @ The #hustle Blog
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    Brilliant. This is definitely getting bookmarked!

  6. Biggles209
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    Special thanks for the data table. It’s now in my travel spreadsheet.

  7. Amol (@PointsToPointB)
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  8. Jerry
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    PHL-TLV flight operated by USAir?

  9. palefire
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    A few more:


  10. Dennis
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    Nice charting!

    Looks like route maps for ICBMs from War Games! 🙂

  11. Ted C
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    This is helpful!

  12. A collection of oneworld transatlantic routes - The Wandering Aramean

    […] to last week’s post, here’s a collection of transatlantic routes offered by members of the oneworld alliance. […]

  13. Rami
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    You are using the terms TATL and European interchangeably; it is only partially correct; if you say TATL then you have to include anything that crosses the Atlantic including flights to TLV, other middle east, India and Africa – including flights from South America to Europe/middle east/Africa; otherwise your post should be US/Caribbean-Europe flights.

  14. Beltway
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    Great job. It would be even more useful to publish this in XLS format, which would make it easier to sort according to origin or destination.

  15. BoardingArea admin
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    Hi Seth – This is just a test.

  16. lurker
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    Great stuff, you have 2 LAX in Unique North American Gateways: