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  1. Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog
    Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog at |

    Thank you. Maybe I’ll find a way to use my SkyPesos after all. Do you know if Delta adds fuel surcharges to China Eastern or Shanghai award tickets?

  2. Michael
    Michael at |

    Just to clarify…for the ChinaEastern example, this would mean there are 4 business class AWARD seats avail and 9+ econ seats avail? Thanks.

  3. JB
    JB at |

    Delta adds significant but not insane (British Air) fuel surcharges on China Eastern. different routings (hubs) have wildly different surcharges.

  4. Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog
    Kay @ Travel Bug Diary blog at |

    Thanks JB.

  5. Mitch
    Mitch at |

    I’d be suspicious that this is the same bogus award inventory that ExpertFlyer shows. It’s frequently the case that you’ll see D4 (current business award bucket is D) on ExpertFlyer but when you search the MU website, you’ll see less (or no) availability for business awards. Case in point: PVG-SFO on 12 June 13 is D4 on EF but there are only two seats actually available if you do a search on the MU site. (Click the check mark under “Redeem Bonus Points” to see which classes have award space, vary the number of passengers to see how much space.) The MU site won’t let you do any searches for dates beyond 28 June 13, so it’s hard to tell what’s actually the case once the booking classes change.

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