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  1. Jackie
    Jackie at |

    just look at that transcon redemption rate. 170K for roundtrip JFK-SFO/LAX in F. RIDICULOUS.

    I can get either AA F or UA p.s. F for half that number.

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  3. James M
    James M at |

    If you live in Southern California a simple way to earn some extra Virgin America points is Mogl. It’s a dining program that returns 10% in cash or VX points. Here’s my referral link(ok’ed by Seth) – http://mo.gl/19r1dxv . We’ve pulled down enough for a couple flights.

  4. RestlessLocationSyndrome
    RestlessLocationSyndrome at |

    Thanks for covering this and boiling it down to primarily having a KrisFlyer account for flying on Virgin America.

  5. Raymond
    Raymond at |

    Actually, the redemption rate is pretty decent. For example, a roundtrip economy ticket between Singapore and Hong Kong only costs 35,000 points. If I were to use UA miles to redeem, it would cost me 65,000 miles. Same thing for Business class, Virgin America’s redemption cost is only 95,000 points, on UA it would cost 120,000 miles (saver award).

    Unless you fly UA (or any star alliance partners) a lot to rack up lot of miles on cheap tickets, Virgin America point redemption on Singapore airlines is actually quite reasonable.

  6. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Hmmm…with USAirways leaving *A….could this possibly mean that Virgin AMerica may one day be a part of *A? Who will take USAirways’ place ?

  7. Raymond
    Raymond at |

    I see what you’re saying. When one earns miles by flying UA or star alliance, the cost to get those miles is significantly cheaper.

    However, I was thinking of it in terms of credit card spending. With Virgin America Visa, I have to spend $35,000 to get 35,000 Elevate points, but with United I have to spend $65,000 to get 65,000 miles for an economy seat.

    Since I really don’t fly that much (domestically I only fly Southwest or may be JetBlue), it would be much better deal for me to put my spending on Virgin America Visa rather than my United explorer card. However, when I do fly, I can see that the cost-to-earning ratio is much better on Star Alliance.

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