JetBlue launches new TrueBlue website

Getting information about your TrueBlue account just got a bit easier. JetBlue has launched a new website for their members, adding more features and information. They even have a photo of me on my profile; I actually don’t really know where they got that from.


With the launch of Mosaic last year and the changes to the TrueBlue bonus points structure there are also some additional information on the front page about progress towards those levels:


They also have points earning and redemption details going back, in theory, for the life of the TrueBlue account. From what I can see it is actually only the life of the account since the migration to the new TrueBlue program a couple years ago, but it is still fun for me to see all the entries there. It also is a good reminder that I should probably redeem those points one of these days. Sitting on that balance probably isn’t so useful.


And a breakdowns by activity type:


In the Manage My Points section there are some other options related to buying points or getting credit for flights which didn’t previously post:


Overall some nice improvements to the information and functionality available and the flow of data through the site. Personally I am not a huge fan of the UI, mostly because it doesn’t render well on the tiny screen of my trusty netbook, but on a normal sized screen it is pretty solid.

And I really do wonder where they’re pulling that photo of me from…

UPDATE: Apparently I have a profile on their community site which includes a photo. Not that I have used the site in months, but it isn’t quite as creepy as I thought.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Nice walkthrough, the new TrueBlue sites looks sleek and user-friendly.

    As for how they got your photo, did you open the account using an e-mail address that’s connected to Gravatar? That could be the reason.

    1. Apparently I have an account on a community site they run with the photo in it. Not nearly as creepy as I thought, though I suppose I should probably try to remember where I’m posting photos of myself a bit more.

  2. Your last activity in the account was Feb 8, 2013, yet your points expire Dec 5, 2013?

    1. Yes, Darin, those dates are correct. Only taking a flight or earning points on the co-branded AmEx card extends the life of TrueBlue points in the account. My last paid flight was in December 2012 making the points expiry December 2013. A bit confusing (and less generous than some other programs) but that’s the way the scheme is set up.

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