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  1. Pete
    Pete at |

    his complaint is meaningless because that would mean UA awarding different mileage every single day on the same flight because of the routing changes of that day.

    if he think that’s an issue, try looking at “direct flights” – those REALLY short change you the miles. A single flight number for JFK-SFO-LAS (nearly 3000 miles inc 500 min) would end up only with ~2200 miles because it’s a “direct” flight so direct mileage is used.

  2. Pete
    Pete at |

    also, if a plane had to circle a few times before landing due to ATC congestion, wouldn’t his argument make him claim that he’s due those miles too ?

  3. Scott
    Scott at |

    I flew HKG-EWR and it came up on the monitor at a little over 9,250 miles, have pictures, would love the real mileage on that one instead.

  4. traderprofit
    traderprofit at |

    Aren’t you all forgetting the aircraft has to fly a “great circle arc” and therefore, taking into account the arc distance is always more than the distance across the ground –even if only because the arc is made at a higher altitude and therefore greater distance from the earth which results in a longer arc……yaddah yaddah yaddah. Then there’s the extra 7 miles to get to alititude…but I guess that’s countered on desecent…hmmm.

  5. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    I was on a flight that incurred a circle-pattern over EWR a few years ago and asked Continental for the actual miles flown instead of the miles given…I figured I was owed a few hundred miles…and was probably just as highly-catered 😮 …and found out quickly that you get what they give and nothing more. 🙂

  6. Gizmosdad
    Gizmosdad at |

    Apparently this flyer thinks that pilots have an odometer in the cockpit… Does he also want credit for taxiing distance too?

  7. Rob
    Rob at |

    Thanks for explaining “frivolous” 😉

  8. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Hope the plaintiff feels the legal fees are worth it when he loses!

  9. travelbloggerbuzz
    travelbloggerbuzz at |

    I wonder if these are done mainly to get the airlines to settle with some frequent flyer miles thrown in to get them to go away before they waste any more legal dept time?

    I wonder what happened to that lawsuit filed by several prominent people of this community about that shopping incident that they were “tricked” out of gazillion miles? 🙂 It would be nice to have a webpage keeping track of these lawsuits & eventual results. Then again, if they are all settled out before trial, we may never know…

  10. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    These lawsuits are nonsense and are probably quite damaging to the frequent flyer community in the long run, even if a few greedy types do get some sort of settlement. I would say give the jerk five more miles for each Beijing-Dulles flight he’s paid cash for and be done with it.

  11. Kris Ziel
    Kris Ziel at |

    I agree with most of it, but settling with the guy sets a bad precedent. Countersue for legal fees and be done with it.

  12. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    @Kris Ziel
    You’re probably right, of course, about the precedent. I was just thinking that even if he’s made a dozen such trips, his brand new 60 miles would be worth about $1.

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