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  1. Food Wine and Miles
    Food Wine and Miles at |

    That sandwich looks awesome. And I completely agree that these types of experiences are one of the best (and worst) parts about traveling!

  2. Singapore Flyer
    Singapore Flyer at |

    Isn’t always the tiny hole in the wall places or nondescript road side stand that has the best foods? It looks like a variation of a Vietnamese Bahn Mi. Was the bread crispy and chewy? Always amazed how they do that in such humid places. The ones at Saigon Bahn Mi on Grand are pretty good too.

  3. MichaelP
    MichaelP at |

    I agree, looks like a variation of Vietnamese Bahn Mi easily found in most big US cities Vietnamese/Pho restaurant.

  4. qbrain
    qbrain at |

    So what you are saying is that you recommend your tour guides to give food tours?

  5. Marcus
    Marcus at |

    Ah, that sandwich looks delicious! So jealous. I once had a banh mi sandwich that was similar from a street vendor in Hanoi. Sweet-and-sour pork, pate, cilantro and other delicious goodies on a French bread bun.

    There was an option to add a fried egg, which I agreed to. Best decision ever, that sandwich was terrific.

  6. aadvantagegeek
    aadvantagegeek at |

    Wow, that’s a great looking sandwich.

  7. Tony
    Tony at |

    Thanks for sharing.

    My rough rule of thumb when traveling – stay away from the tourist areas, and go where the locals go!

  8. Steven
    Steven at |

    That looks amazing. And, yes, experiences like this are one of the greatest things about travel, even when you know that it’s one of those once in a lifetime things. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Robert
    Robert at |

    I ate a version of that sandwich everyday when I was in Laos. For 15 cents, it can’t be beat.

  10. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Sandwich looks really good. Was the bread warmed/grilled?