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  1. Schrott
    Schrott at |

    Why is it necessary to enter a valid MP# in your search tool? I may not wish to disclose my MP#, considering you already have my e-mail address!

  2. vince
    vince at |

    Seth do you know why going to the link auto redirect me to http://wandr.me/Star-Alliance-Award-Search.aspx instead?

  3. Industry Travel Asia
    Industry Travel Asia at |

    Hi Seth,

    No Luck on searches. Seems that the only available origination points are in the USA.
    Also not recognising Singapore Airlines FF number.

  4. progapanda
    progapanda at |

    This is fantastic stuff, Seth! I signed up for First Class membership to try out the “Anywhere” search and found some great ideas for re-routing existing award travel well-worth the $15 already.

  5. Chris L
    Chris L at |

    Hey Seth – exciting new tool. This pushed me over to become a FC member. My searches all get stuck at the “…Gathering Additional Data . . .” point though. Using a MP account number, 3 people, using either To or From as the wildcard and on both Chrome & IE. It just stays on that “… Gathering Additional Data . . .” step for hours until I close the window. Maybe just a Beta issue?

  6. Kush Patel
    Kush Patel at |

    Does this tool still exist?

  7. Tao
    Tao at |

    The alert page has some serious issues. Whenever I set up an alert, once I click the save button, it goes to an error page. Then when I go back to “My Alerts” the alert shows up. In addition, when I change anything on the My Alert page, such as SMS notify, it directs me to the error page, but the change was actually made successfully. It’s really inconvenient having to refresh every time in order to make small changes.

  8. Kate Y.
    Kate Y. at |

    Oh, this is so sweet. THIS is the tool I’ve been wishing for. But: the three orange-outlined buttons under the green SEARCH button (non-stop, mixed cabin…) — I’m not seeing any effect at all when I click one, except that it toggles to not-orange.

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