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  1. abcx
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    Wait, I thought the secret to meaningful travel was stealing a rubber duck from an airport lounge bathroom after having walked for 20 minutes to an out of the way terminal and then posting the photo on your blog? NPR must be wrong…

  2. DaninSTL
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    It’s like a bad episode of “Somethings Considered from NPR. Just enjoy that fact that our US tax dollars paid for this. I can sorta agree with the points but I think to many people try to be trendy. Like I’m not cool if I’m not stealing wifi at Starbucks and telling people how I can travel all over Europe with nothing but my backpack and $20, couch surfing and eating street food. Sure you can but that isn’t everyone’s motivation. I say what ever motivates you to travel. To many of the Boarding area follks it’s simply to experience the service and the aircraft. I enjoy cruise ships so that same trip to Europe for me wouldn’t involve many hostels but might involve MSC or Costa swimming pools. Also I hate to be mean but “just go” that weak journalism. Sure you could have added that to the end of the article but it should not have been point #5. It makes me feel like they didn’t have valid #5 so they tacked it on.
    I do agree with your analysis of this. Thanks for the post.

    My top 5 secrets for meaningful travel:
    1. See something new that I’ve always wanted to see (like Rome for example).
    2. Spend time with my family or wife.
    3. Experience the aircraft, airline, airports, etc.(the joy of planning the trip also).
    4. Taking photos to share with others when I get back home.
    5. Learning a bit about history or new places and people.
    Oh yeah and “Just Go !” duh

  3. jackal
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    I didn’t read the NPR article, but I think for the vast majority of people out there, the kind of advice they’re giving out is beneficial. Too many people book boring, turn-my-brain-off tours to “safe” places like London, Paris, and Rome. Nothing wrong with London, Paris, and Rome, but if all you do is visit Westminster, Notre Dame, and St. Peter’s, you’re missing out on so much. Are these people going to launch headlong into a trip to Burma or Kenya or even Iguazu Falls? Not likely, but they need to be encouraged to expand their minds and go outside their comfort zones. Any advice to that effect is good advice.