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  1. Farooq
    Farooq at |

    JFK-DOH-PER East coast of the USA to the West coast of OZ with an overnight stop in DOH to check out the Narwhal and the new IM Pei museum.

  2. Conor Scholes (@clscholes)
    Conor Scholes (@clscholes) at |

    ORD-DOH-ADD…will go there next year to work in Eritrean refugee camp to help build a library.

  3. Vitaly
    Vitaly at |

    IAH-DOH-MLE for a convenient aspirational trip to Maldives

  4. Rings
    Rings at |

    IAD-DOH-BKK works for me.

  5. Ari k
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  6. Lucy
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  7. Tuan Do
    Tuan Do at |

    JFK-DOH-AMM for my regular business trips to Amman, Jordan.

  8. FF
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  9. Socceroo
    Socceroo at |

    I’m flying to DOH next year, hoping to make a side trip to AMM and Petra.

  10. Nick
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  11. Joseph May (@JosephAMay)
    Joseph May (@JosephAMay) at |

    JFK-DOH-BKK because I’ve never been to DOH or BKK and it is time to do so.

  12. RKToledo
    RKToledo at |

    IAH-DOH-LHR I’ll take the long way to the UK.

  13. Akshay
    Akshay at |

    Ill be going BLR-DOH-ORD…. nice start for me to cash some double miles

    1. Derek Carden
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  14. Bob
    Bob at |

    BKK-DOH-HAN-DOH-BKK 😉 haha

  15. Trojan
    Trojan at |

    JFK-DOH-BOM. Timings work best for me! Double miles always welcome for a student..

  16. nikdro
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  17. Gabe
    Gabe at |

    JFK-DOH-BKK. Hopefully I can pull it off one day, in J or F.

  18. caveman
    caveman at |

    IAH-DOH-ISB. A very rare route served by very few airlines on points.

  19. Chase
    Chase at |

    I’m really looking forward to the new Miami route to start. Between ORD and MIA, QR will have the states covered via AA connections.

  20. Dave
    Dave at |

    I’m looking forward to flying EZE-SAO 😉

  21. Amol
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  22. Brian
    Brian at |

    IAH-DOH-MLE for sure.

  23. Vivek Doshi
    Vivek Doshi at |

    IAH-DOH-AMD to visit family back in India

  24. Phil
    Phil at |

    Already booked SIN-DOH-CPT and JNB-DOH-PVG

  25. Dan
    Dan at |

    I’d love to fly IAH-DOH-BKK

  26. naif
    naif at |

    Flying ORD-DOH Next month in Business …

  27. raj
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  28. Rob
    Rob at |

    IAH-DOH and then the new visit middle east all around the region 😉

  29. Ralph L
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  30. Andrew C
    Andrew C at |

    IAD-DOH-KTM… have really been thinking about Nepal lately

  31. AndreiM.
    AndreiM. at |

    i’m doing fairly often the OTP-DOH-PVG 😀

  32. Scott M.
    Scott M. at |

    I would fly IAH-DOH-BKK and return

  33. Jig
    Jig at |

    Man, you have a lot of Indian readers, including me! JFK-DOH-BOM to visit the fam…

  34. farbster
    farbster at |

    IAD-DOH-MLE for sure!

  35. Gaurav
    Gaurav at |

    HYD-DOH-JFK and return.. 🙂

  36. Nicky
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  37. Biggles209
    Biggles209 at |

    IAH-DOH-MEL for the Australian Grand Prix

  38. gluedtothewindow
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  39. Mandrake
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  40. Norm
    Norm at |

    Would love to be on DOH-MIA. Never been on an inaugural route, but I hear it’s a party.

  41. Simon
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  42. Evan
    Evan at |

    IAD-DOH-AMM. I would love to see Petra.

  43. Terry
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  44. olgsr
    olgsr at |

    doh-fra/muc/lhr on their 787

  45. P S
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  46. Peter
    Peter at |

    JFK-DOH-MED, then drive 182 miles to the only UNESCO site in Saudi Arabia.

  47. Peter
    Peter at |

    Sorry one of the two UNESCO sites in Saudi.

  48. Ari K
    Ari K at |

    PHL-DOH, just becsuase

  49. Sang Kancil Guru
    Sang Kancil Guru at |

    ORD-DOH-KUL, visiting old friends in DOH too, and cool to be back home in KUL for Xmas

  50. Yong
    Yong at |

    I just want space to open up on DOH-MLE in July ’14

  51. Keith
    Keith at |

    World Cup trip DEN-IAH-DOH

  52. Kivon
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  53. C Williams
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  54. Bradley B.
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  55. Jason C
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  56. Tony Chen
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  57. Mairi
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  58. nvd
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  59. Michael
    Michael at |

    LAX – DOH – MLE

  60. Varun
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  61. Jacob
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  62. Copa
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  63. Alex
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  64. gwayrav
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  65. Jason Chiang
    Jason Chiang at |

    JFK-DOH-BKK this December then onto Phuket for NYE!

  66. myb821
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  67. GringoLoco
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  68. Haseem
    Haseem at |

    I fly to india all the time on QR. This is great!

  69. Nikhil (@wiznick)
    Nikhil (@wiznick) at |

    With direct flight from PHL to DOH starting next year, I can fly PHL-DOH-DEL.

  70. Chris
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  71. Christopher
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  72. Antonio C.
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  73. Joe Clancy
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  74. Mal
    Mal at |

    DOH-MEL is what I want… anything to get home!

  75. Nick
    Nick at |

    As a gay man I won’t fly any middle eastern airlines (except Turkish and El Al) here’s why:

    Qatar – punishment for being Gay: Penalty: fines, prison sentence up to 5 years.
    Oh but lesbians are hot so no fine or sentence for women.

    Saudi Arabia Penalty for being gay: death or life imprisonment

    United Arab Emirates Penalty: deportation, fines or prison time.

    Oh but they are happy to have your money if you want to fly their airline.

    Yemen Illegal penalty: death

    and now the Kuwait Government along with the 6 GCC:”Speaking to a local newspaper, an official of the Kuwaiti Health Ministry said his government was developing a form of preventative “gaydar” – a “medical” test to detect gays and lesbians in order to prevent them from entering Kuwait and other Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC)

    Oh right it’s “perceived” so actually you could be picked up in transit if you “looked” gay it’s not just about being gay…but that’s OK cuz well they have a shower in first class… your actions have ramifications

  76. Tim
    Tim at |

    See two countries I have not been too while adding a new aircraft type for me (777-200LR)

  77. MSPpete
    MSPpete at |

    I would like to go to Jordan!

  78. Dave
    Dave at |

    Depends which route they first throw an A380 at! LHR-DOH or CDG-DOH seem to be the current likely winners…

  79. Alex
    Alex at |

    Definitely the JFK to DOH route!

  80. Mike L
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  81. Davisson
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  82. MaxC
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  83. Colin
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  84. Jonathan
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  85. Alex
    Alex at |

    Definitely JFK to DOH!

  86. AKTCHI
    AKTCHI at |

    If I have to choose a “route” rather than a full blown itinerary, I’d picks the routes which include two interesting cities. I’ll be happy with any of these:

    Chicago-Doha-Kuala Lumpur-Phuket
    Chicago-Doha-Dar Es Salam-Kilimanjaro

    Of course, I could gladly combine them in one itinerary!

  87. AKTCHI
    AKTCHI at |

    OK, so an example of combined route, this would leave me ecstatic:

    Bali – Singapore – Doha – Dar Es Salam – Kilimanjaro

  88. Israel
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  89. HobokenFlyer
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  90. Alex (@NoviceFlyer)
    Alex (@NoviceFlyer) at |

    I’d love to fly IAH-DOH-ATH! 🙂

  91. Angust
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  97. HP
    HP at |

    IAH-DOH-MLE for a nice trip to the Maldives!

    1. Amanda
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