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  1. Brian
    Brian at |

    Interesting that if you are over $10,000 it doesn’t disclose how much over you are. Which is annoying – would like to know how much flex I have in planning next year.

    YTD Premier qualifying miles:
    YTD Premier qualifying segments: 34
    YTD Premier qualifying dollars:
    Over $10,000
    4 flight segment minimum:

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  3. kokonutz
    kokonutz at |

    As I said on your face book, this is fascinating as I hadn’t thought much about this, but looking at that $6,373 PQD for 66k PQM I realize that this change WILL affect my getting Plat since I tend to buy A fares on US a lot using my MP#. Of course that will go away with the AA merger anyway.

    But it seems to me that I am EXACTLY the kind of customer Smisek wants: I always buy premium cabin. And right now the ONLY reason i will buy premium cabin on UA when others are around the same fare is to maintain my plat stauts. So if my $6 or $7k on 3 tickets or so do not allow me to maintain plat, I have no incentive whatsoever to buy premium fares on UA anymore.

    Which, really when I think about it, is fine. The only reason i keep Plat is for flexibility in award bookings. And with the coming devaluation I am burning award miles like crazy.

    Soon there will be no reason whatsoever to be stuck with 4-across in Business ever again!

    Thanks, Jeff!

  4. Emily
    Emily at |

    The link to the “Click here for PQDs” shows up on My Accounts page, but when I click it – it only shows me my PQM, PQS, and 4 flight segment minimum, and the credit card waiver. There isn’t even a line that includes PQDs. Oddly, though, there is a link to see conversions from USD to GPS on the qualification levels chart.

    Also, is there a link to a dicussion about how this will change qualifing via United in 2014?

  5. TopGunner
    TopGunner at |

    Oh wow, I am not the customer for the New UA…$261 PQD! I guess flying all those LX D fares really only is of interest to LX and not United. One would think with the LH JV, Lufthansa Group TATL would all be important. Oh well, I think it is time to consider M&M as my *A and at least have access to LH and LX F, with the high co-pay and with e-vouchers.

    Domestically, I will just have to make peace with Dougie and co. at the New AA, since we are not sure yet if it will be HPdbaAA.

  6. TopGunner
    TopGunner at |

    Forgot to add…great work Seth! Why don’t the airlines hire people with your skills to really engage their customers? At the very least, some of the OTAs could really make a push to serve the power travelers/users. I think about how the financial services/brokerage industry has done so well to segment and serve users/investors with various tools regardless if you are are HF in NYC or one man shop in a Colorado cabin.

  7. ptahcha
    ptahcha at |

    Wow – thanks for digging this one up. I wonder if this data was embedded for the new website rollout. But nice to see that in November I am nowhere close to meeting the 1K spent (~$5500 so far)

  8. Sam
    Sam at |

    Interesting that I have the UA Club cc, but it shows as “Presidential Plus PQD waiver: Eligible.”

  9. naif
    naif at |

    9600$ ..2 more flights needed for Plat

  10. Scott
    Scott at |

    Well can tell you that for those of us w/ residences overseas when you click it NO PQD comes up, so they do recognize the overseas address.

  11. Xavier
    Xavier at |

    I don’t think Copa dollars are included.

  12. TFT
    TFT at |

    2800 spent for 95k miles. Glad I will be switching my address to a ex-USA one to not be trapped by pqd requirements.

  13. FlyingBear
    FlyingBear at |

    I cried about that before and now have the proof… Since all my tickets are bought by the travel agent at work, I have very little control over what gets done. I got 72k miles, but just $4280 PQDs. Total spend on *A tickets was considerably higher. Bleh.

  14. Troy Gorczyca
    Troy Gorczyca at |

    Is there anyway to use the file extension on a mac? What’s the process? thanks!

  15. Jennifer C.
    Jennifer C. at |

    Thanks so much for this! interestingly, my husband and I, who have flown exactly the same itineraries all year, are $2xx apart in PQD. Now to sleuth out whether it was e-certs or Gift Registry or what. E-certs don’t seem to be it, because the total seems right without them taken into consideration. One of my husband’s tickets, though, was booked through a “travel agent,” using credit card reward points. Wonder if that won’t count, even though it was all United metal and ticket #?

  16. Chanel @ La Viajera Morena
    Chanel @ La Viajera Morena at |

    Thanks for this info! I apparently do not fly United nearly enough to earn status… hopefully next year my numbers will look better 😀

  17. scott
    scott at |

    Sorry if I’m a bit confused but does this count for qualifying this year which would of course roll into next year? Basically, I’ll meet the PQM requirement for Gold but not the PQD requirement (only have $552, need $5000)…Does this mean I wont get S* Gold status or does this really start becoming meaningful next year? Thanks in advance for any help…

  18. scott
    scott at |

    Thanks Seth…Got it!

  19. myb821
    myb821 at |

    Got the popup to show but it doesnt have the PQD on it 🙁