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  1. hobo13
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    Agree, Seth. I really can’t understand the stampede by your fellow BA bloggers to sing the praises of this relatively modest change. It really does seem that BA is the marketing arm of Hyatt!

    It’s also curious that none of them mention the woeful Hyatt IT department — shall we put an over / under on when C&P rates are actually bookable via the website? How about 2016? Remember, this is a group that can barely keep the Hyatt website up for a week!

    Most people won’t call to check / book these C&P rates. It’s just a lot of work. So until that functionality is added to the website, this is mostly window dressing in my opinion. Still can’t figure out why you would roll out the program when clearly the IT functionality isn’t ready.

  2. Gary Leff
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    For what it’s worth, I asked Jeff Zidell why not just announce the award chart changes and the introduction of cash and points together.

    They talk a lot about authenticity and genuineness at Hyatt, and Jeff’s answer was that they didn’t want people to think they were trying to ‘put one over’ on anyone with the award chart devaluation (trying to position the thing as a mixed bag or ‘enhancement’).

    They wanted to share the news and take the heat for the devaluation and then let people evaluate the new things they were doing on the plus side on their own merits too.

    Again, for what it’s worth.

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