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  1. Trevor
    Trevor at |

    Seth — Great stuff — these really help. Just 2 adds — SQ NRT-LAX — I’m pretty sure SQ still flies this, I flew it back in May on the A380… Also I think TG694/5 KIX-LAX may still be active, but it seems to be an on-again-off-again type thing with Thai (was, I think, operated by a 2-class 77W)

  2. Priyank Talati
    Priyank Talati at |

    Hey! You have forgotten the LAX-NRT Singapore Airlines route.

  3. rainbowmiles
    rainbowmiles at |

    Great post! Can I just add NZ also flies AKL-RAR-LAX only onece a week though…

  4. A list of all TPAC *A routes - FlyerTalk Forums

    […] I compiled a list of all the transpacific Star Alliance routes I could find, somewhere around 75 or so, including dupes operated by multiple carriers. Should be helpful in trying to plan award redemptions. [img]http://www.gcmap.com/map?P=c:blue,PEK-EWR-NRT;HKG-EWR-NRT;hnl-nrt-den;PVG-lax;IAD-PEK;iad-nrt-iah;NRT-LAX-SYD;PVG-ORD-PEK;NRT-ORD-HKG;PVG-SFO-PEK;NRT-SFO-HKG;SYD-SFO-TPE;CTU-SFO-ICN;KIX-SFO%0d%0ac:red,NRT-YVR-PEK-YYZ-HKG,NRT-YYZ-PVG-yvr-syd,icn-yvr-hkg%0d%0ac:green,JFK-TPE-LAX;SEA-TPE-SFO;YVR-TPE-YYZ%0d%0ac:white,HNL-PEK-IAH;JFK-PEK-LAX;SFO-PEK-YVR%0d%0ac:gray,HND-HNL-NRT;IAD-NRT-JFK;HND-LAX-NRT;ORD-NRT-SEA;SFO-NRT-SJC%0d%0acrange,HNL-AKL-LAX-rar-akl;SFO-AKL-YVR%0d%0ac:yellow,icn-sfo-hkg%0d%0acurple,lax-icn%0d%0ac:black,HNL-ICN-JFK;LAX-ICN-ORD;SEA-ICN-SFO&MS=bm&MR=1800&MX=720×360&PM=*[/img] Did I miss any? Map from gcmap.com. __________________ Hack.Travel | Cash Back on Booking Blog | Twitter | Tools | […]

  5. Wilson
    Wilson at |

    What a great post!
    If you can post one for transatlantic flights. That would be nice too.

  6. Moey
    Moey at |

    This is simply amazing~~~!
    Thank you Seth for this

  7. Joey
    Joey at |

    I was going to say you missed the SQ21/22 nonstop flight between EWR and SIN but the last flight from EWR probably just landed in SIN. Did you ever go on that flight? If so, how was it?

  8. Runway1R
    Runway1R at |

    I coulda sworn that UA flew IAD-PVG direct. I guess not. But great visualization! Love it.

  9. tz
    tz at |

    CA just announced PVG-YYZ

  10. Old Flyer
    Old Flyer at |

    You left out US Air for the transpacific flights. Lucky @One Mile at a Time, said there were loads of flights from SFO to Asia which can accrue 15,000 miles each and they can be had for under $1,200 per ticket and usually you can do much better than that. Why did you leave out US Air?

  11. sushiguy
    sushiguy at |

    Great post. Thanks Seth.

  12. ORDnHKG
    ORDnHKG at |

    @ Old Flyer – US has no trans pacific flights EVER, not to mention US doesn’t even have 5th freedom right to fly to Asia (other than the only one short lived ex-HP HNL-NGO which gave up more than 20 years ago). Flights to Asia booking on US would only be codeshare with UA or any other *A partners.

  13. Torsten Jacobi
    Torsten Jacobi at |

    Thanks for posting these. Great stuff!

  14. Jim Z.
    Jim Z. at |

    It depends on your definition of “transpacific,” but flights from Asia to Australia/NZ crosses most of the Pacific and are missing from your list.

  15. Paul
    Paul at |

    I don’t think NZ flies direct AKL-SFO anymore.

  16. Jon
    Jon at |

    Thanks, I am bookmarking this!