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  1. Hua
    Hua at |

    This is good news I suppose, but I suspect that already limited upgrades will be further limited. Maybe that would matter more if Alaska has some sort of a premium transcon product or a better first class!

  2. ffi
    ffi at |

    They have to compete against Delta. This is the best way for them to do so by focusing on loyalty benefits. Why would you choose DL as a freq traveler if you can get the same benefits flying AS and every other airline?

  3. hua
    hua at |

    @ffi: This will be great in terms of gaining the benefits, but the net result will be an overall dilution of the specific elite benefits that benefit the passenger experience itself.

    Although I would rather earn Mileage Plan miles than SkyPesos, DL has a better product. It is great that we can get some of DL’s superior passenger experience while earning Alaska’s superior mileage currency, but I suspect that as this battle continues it won’t be long before that opportunity will be reduced or eliminated as far as DL is concerned.

  4. Scottrick
    Scottrick at |

    AS allowed you to earn EQM from other partners such as Emirates, Air France, and Aeromexico in the past, even if most passengers probably relied on American and Delta. I think the addition of British Airways and Cathay will be most helpful.

  5. Davisson
    Davisson at |

    BA is def a great option to earn AS miles.
    CX not so much, only Y H K earn 100%. Most of the booking classes earn 0%.

    is AS’s earn chart based on operating flight or market flight?