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  1. Zakon
    Zakon at |

    Seth, the cross-redemption going into effect on Jan 7 is something I haven’t seen mentioned. Is this just for US-AA flights (i.e., Dividend Miles being redeemed on AA metal, and vice versa), or are you referring to cross-alliance redemption as well?

  2. patricia
    patricia at |

    i wonder what would happen if i want an AA-coded US-operated flight and want to accrue the miles on a Star partner (before mar31), is it feasible

  3. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    What does “recognition of elite status” mean on 1/7, in practice? If I’m a US Platinum, what does that mean if I fly an AA flight?

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  5. Eric Monte
    Eric Monte at |

    I am going to miss US Airways in Star Alliance. As a United flyer, US always had better redemption options; e.g. United having no EasyPass Awards for their flights; but US Airways had plenty of EasyPass Awards available, even in First Class. So when booking a one-way recently for my sister, husband and son from FLL-LGA (they live in Eastern LI and were flying WN non-stop from ISP and DID NOT want to fly into EWR), United offered connections through IAH, ORD and IAD to LGA all Standard Awards, with long connections with lots of regional jets; while US offered connections through CLT, PHL and DCA (all geographically better) with good connection times all mainline or minimum E190’s at SAVER award levels, even in First.

    So, it was a connection in CLT with a 90 minute layover in first class on 737/A320. It will be sad to see them go, especially for Snow Bird runs.