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  1. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    As an avid Amtrak rider and rail advocate, I fully support this plan. I saw it as an extremely generous perk that you could buy a $35 ticket two weeks in advance and then just cancel it 10 minutes before riding to get a refund. Then, after they changed the rules, you could cancel it to get a $35 evoucher. Imagine if you could buy a $200 round trip ticket from JFK to LAX as a speculative purhase and then just decide to not go and get your money back no questions asked.

    With all the pressure being put on Amtrak by congress to reign in costs and make it a profitable or at least revenue neutral enterprise, the refund policy had to be adjusted to more closely resemble private transportation policies. It would be nice to extend the old policy to elite members (Elite members of Amtrak don’t have too many sweet benefits).

    I fully expect the loyalty program to be adjusted, too. With more people riding that NYC to WAS route, the 3,000 (now 4,000) points was a bargain! I’ll just take advantage of it while I can!

    1. Muerl
      Muerl at |

      Its better than NYC to WAS its actually WAS to Brunswick, ME if you can make the connection in BOS stick for 4000 points (if thats your jam)