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  1. patricia
    patricia at |

    not really having the transcons on the regionals really stink

    AA is nice to give out free stickers to EXP on transcons, but their frequency to SFO leaves a lot to be desired. Heck, UA flies more from NYC-LAS than AA does NYC-SFO.

  2. Gene
    Gene at |

    This change in absolutely NOT good news for most Medallions. Taking away the transcon upgrades is yet another Delta screw over. Mark my word, they will be super-stingy with these supposed international upgrades, rendering them not very useful.

  3. John
    John at |

    I haven’t seen it posted, but maybe I just missed it. Has there been any mention if a delta flight booked that has a global upgrade cert applied would still earn MQM’s similar to United’s GPU’s?

  4. Adam P
    Adam P at |

    I’m a DL platinum Seth, and I don’t see this as a positive, even though I travel to Hawaii more than I do JFK transcons. It makes sense that DL has changed Hawaii upgrades–it’s a domestic product (many of the 757s are ex-ATA aircraft that lack even at seat air vents) while transcon is now an Int’l product. But the global upgrade benefit requires a level of travel and spending that only the most relentless road warriors will manage (AX card and mileage running work for those with lots of free time and few obligations).

    I won’t call loss of SWUs much of a negative, as their irrelevance has been well chronicled.

    I can’t blame DL for expanding upgrade benefits for Diamonds now that they are reasonably sure they are going to its highest value customers rather than mileage runners, but for most of us, even heavy AX users who fly the airline once or more each month, this is pretty marginal.

  5. Jeffsetter
    Jeffsetter at |

    If I don’t move away from a Delta Hub, this change will make me more likely to try to earn Diamond status as opposed to staying at Platinum and rolling over.

    I still think it’s comical that I am getting excited about Delta offering something that has been available to others for years.

  6. bob
    bob at |

    As I have maintained for the past few days, one with any experience dealing with them cannot trust the DL people to do the right thing with this sort of certificate. The availability will be restricted (it says so) and if past performance is any indication, it will be severely limited and only seats that they do not think that they will sell will be released, and those very close-in to the date of the flight. Advance confirmations of upgrades is something that is unlikely to happen with any frequency. So you buy your seat waving your global upgade coupon and it does you absolutely no good when the front cabin sells out, as it does so frequently nowadays.
    In the past month, DL has telegraphed its intentions to do exactly that by removing from the GDS (and by extension Expert Flyer) the ability to view any of their upgrade buckets. The problems caused by this lack of transparency should be detailed in any column such as this one about the new program.
    I know that the ability of the UA Premiers to see the “R” (upgrade seat) bucket is considered one of the crucial elements of that program to those who do not sit in coach on over-the-water flights. This DL Diamond business flyer is also not interested in sitting in the back of an airplane when traveling on vacations or other leisure trips and Delta will probably make sure that most of my Global upgrade certificates go into the trash at the end of each year much as many of the late, unlamented SWUs did.
    It appears to me that the main beneficiaries of this program are those leisure travelers who take multiple international flights and do not mind if they sit in coach. They are the ones who will use up these coupons since they are willing to buy the cheapest fare and then show up to take what is given at the gate. The sheer mathematics of it states that these will be good some of the time. Those that take multiple short domestic business trips year round and need to plan way ahead for vacations will most of the time, IMO be out of luck trying to use those certificates.

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