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    […] Gold earning only 25% versus a non-status USDM account which will earn 50% extra. Of course, you have to play the bonus miles against the other benefits to decide which way to go (or try to change the FF# last minute and get all the benefits). __________________ Travel […]

  2. B757capt
    B757capt at |

    I mean why not right?

    Eventually the programs will merge and I’ll get those miles.

    Sounds good to me.

  3. Nathan
    Nathan at |

    As an AA plat, I’m going to fly the PHL to LAS route on US (currently flights avail. for $128 with same day turnaround). I think this will net me 11,000 miles for 1.1 cents/mile.

    Good deal.

  4. Matt
    Matt at |

    This is the second boardingarea article on this topic and I’m still wondering: why doesn’t an AA Plat fly US metal and get the 50% promo bonus + the 100% elite status bonus? Elite status bonus miles are applicable to AA elite members traveling on USAirways.

    Can’t get an upgrade, but can certainly get 150% bonus!

  5. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    I know US/American announced that US Airways would join leave Star Alliance on March 31, but has there been any indication of when the Dividend Miles and AAdvantage accounts will actually merge? I’m wondering if, as a US Silver, it makes sense to start a new AA account to get the extra 25% bonus if I may need those AA miles to qualify for status again next year. If the programs merge before December 31 and I can combine my accounts, it probably won’t matter.

  6. Evan
    Evan at |

    Absolutely wrong. AA plats and exp will earn 150% bonus miles when traveling on us airways, vice versa.