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  1. Alex (@NoviceFlyer)
    Alex (@NoviceFlyer) at |

    I wonder if the 500 mile minimum applies to both airlines..

  2. mogon
    mogon at |

    Still some issues though …. Booking an award ticket on AA metal flights from a non-status US account and putting my AA Gold number into the reservation doesn’t allow me to pick MCE seats (or in fact ANY seats!) on the AA flights (“Seat map not available). If I switch to US metal flights, I can indeed pick Exit Row seats with my AA Gold number in. But I really need the AA-metal flights, but don’t want to pull the trigger unless I’m SURE that I can get MCE seats on those flights due to AA Gold status (Also, on the confirmation page, if you click on the “Baggage Policies” link, you get told that Star Alliance Gold pax are exempt from bag charges. Nothing about AA status pax bag charges)

  3. mogon
    mogon at |

    Dunno, but that sounds like it might be right. Had someone redeem Avios for me for an AA flight and indeed I was able to go into the AA site and add my elite #, pick seats, add TT #. So, I hope you’re right 🙂 Thanks.

  4. Ray
    Ray at |

    Is there any mention in regards to the US Airways companion pass that comes with the credit card? Does anyone know if we can use that on AA flights too now?


  5. Carl
    Carl at |

    How do reciprocal elite bonuses work? If I have higher status on US than on AA, am I supposed to start using my US number on my AA flights?

  6. DaveS
    DaveS at |

    The availability of US flights with AA miles is all to the good. I’m seeing excellent new options on future AA itineraries I’m interested in, such as Europe during off-peak this spring, which goes much further into the spring with AA.

    I do find it interesting that AA is able to get that US information into their system so quickly, while their plodding piece by piece addition of OneWorld partner airlines into their search function continues at a glacial pace over many years.