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  1. joetraveler
    joetraveler at |

    Do AA golds ever get free upgrades to Business or first, at the gate, if available?

    1. Amol (@PointsToPointB)
      Amol (@PointsToPointB) at |

      Not without redeeming earned upgrades (500-mile “stickers”). Golds may get an op-up, but that’s rare to happen behind higher elites.

  2. Bill
    Bill at |

    I’m confused. Main Cabin Select on American is equivalent to Economy Plus on United. United Premiers and above DO get access to Economy Plus seating for no fee: Premier Silvers at time of check-in, and Gold and higher at time of booking. I’m not sure why the article is painting a different picture? Is Main Cabin Select somehow superior to United Economy Plus in pitch or other details?

    1. gobluetwo
      gobluetwo at |

      This blog post is saying the same thing you are. AA Golds/US Silvers no longer get ADVANCE (ie, time of purchase or before check-in) selection of MCE seats for free. The options now are to pay in advance or to wait until check-in for free MCE seats (if available).

  3. Amol (@PointsToPointB)
    Amol (@PointsToPointB) at |

    So you’re bemoaning the policy that was supposed to end on December 31st, which was then announced to end on March 1st, was quietly updated to end on March 17th? I’m confused too. Seemed to be an actually friendly move to give free access longer than promised.

    1. gobluetwo
      gobluetwo at |

      Honestly, doesn’t read like he’s bemoaning the policy, merely stating that it’s happening.

  4. theblakefish
    theblakefish at |

    Well, so much for flying AA anymore now that I am a Gold. 🙁

  5. joetraveler
    joetraveler at |

    So even if there is space in business, after all the platinums and exec. platinums get their upgrades, the golds won’t upgrade golds to business without upgrade ‘stickers’?

    1. Amol (@PointsToPointB)
      Amol (@PointsToPointB) at |

      Correct. EXPs get complimentary upgrades. Plats and Golds require stickers. You can upgrade a non-status companion on the same reservation with stickers (EXPs have to use stickers for a companion).

      I’ve only missed 1 upgrade as an EXP and it was when I switched JFK-LAX flights due to impending weather.

  6. ALCO
    ALCO at |

    What about AS MVPG? Do we lose access starting next week?

  7. Golfingboy
    Golfingboy at |

    ALCO, only AS MVPs will lose advance access, but they still can get free MCE 24 hours out. MVPGs and up will still enjoy complimentary access to MCE seats.

  8. Nick
    Nick at |

    The AA Platinum member still earns a 100% mileage bonus vs 50% for gold UA, they are the next over-entitled group who will see a reduction. But they are still not as over entitled as UA 1K’s.

  9. VG
    VG at |

    The initial benefit was announced as temporary from day one. However, the new benefit is really pretty good. Gold elites can “Purchase Main Cabin Extra for 50% off” or take a chance and “Enjoy complimentary access to Main Cabin Extra within 24 hours of departure (if seats are available).” Note that the higher elites that get their upgrades will usually free up some of the Main Cabin Extra seats. The 24 hours bit is somewhat problematic as many of the upgrades occur only a few hours before the flight or at the gate.

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