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  1. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    I’ll tell you when united.com decides to acknowledge that I actually have activity since my last statement …

  2. Matthew
    Matthew at |

    Seth, How did you get UA to break up the island hopper into separate segments? How long did it take you?

  3. jrap
    jrap at |

    8 PQD on JFK-IAD as part of a wideroe trip to Dubai.

  4. Kurt
    Kurt at |

    I was originally booked ZFV-EWR-PDX on a cheap N fare for $73.45 (airfare = $61.40). IRROPS (weather) had me rebooked as EWR-SAT-IAH-PDX. Posted as:
    EWR-SAT (Y fare): $24
    SAT-IAH (Y fare): $9
    IAH-PDX (Y fare): $25

    On the return, I lucked out though. Was PDX-ORD-EWR-ZFV, again on an N-fare for $74 total, but an oversold PDX-ORD flight caused me to get rebooked as PDX-IAD-BUF (per my request) into full-fare Y (with the appropriate PQD!) Posted as:
    PDX-IAD (Y fare): $339
    IAD-BUF (B fare): $183

    PQDs are like a box of chocolates…

  5. Jordan
    Jordan at |
  6. Chris
    Chris at |

    Could this be done by using the full Y fare for each segment and scaling appropriately? (I believe this is the logic typically used for valuing a flight on a multisegment ticket during IDB.)

  7. Matt
    Matt at |

    I’m a Delta flyer. Thanks to the Boxing Day “sale” I have some segments as low as 4 MQDs. That might get even lower with some of my upcoming flights. The one mistake fare I’ve flown so far I went 3/4 for upgrade which isn’t bad for a Gold on a $50 roundtrip. Fortunately I’ll use the credit card waiver to make Platinum (or Diamond if work travel picks up) this year.

  8. mark
    mark at |

    Any good zfv fares out there currently?