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  1. AlohaDaveKennedy
    AlohaDaveKennedy at |

    SEV’s are great – have both a jacket and a coat and other SEV gear. You might want to add a Thomas Bates web money belt for additional lightweight cash and coin storage. Have fun in Norway – I’ll be over there again in August with my Hawaiian shirts in tow.

  2. bluecat
    bluecat at |

    For me, this would be the nightmare jacket.

    I’m the guy at the airport with the cargo pants, who has that look of sheer panic on his face as he goes through every pocket in his pants and jacket, looking for his wallet/boarding pass/passport etc.

    I need less pockets and more brains.

  3. farbster
    farbster at |

    Bluecat – why don’t you get one of those ticket lanyard things? I mean, other than the fact that it makes you look like a feebleminded altercocker?

  4. Amol Koldhekar
    Amol Koldhekar at |

    A CVS receipt recent ENOUGH that’s it’s for 4 vanilla reloads 🙂

  5. RMF325
    RMF325 at |

    I have 2 ScottE coats (women’s); they are fabulous. So nice to not need to carry a purse when I travel; one less thing to be bothered with.

  6. Gee
    Gee at |

    Just to point out – beware !

    My ScottE Vest had sleeve zipper problems Their customer service was
    awful, as posts on flyer talk have reported . Mine was just out of warranty, and despite many emails to CS & their President (who never responded ), I was unable to get any help !!!

    So, buyer beware – there are many other vendors out there.

    So, now I am reduced to using it as a sleeveless vest

  7. Lady London
    Lady London at |

    Persistent recurring problems on their zippers keep being reported. Outrageous considering the price of the garments.

    And some garments are not finished very well considering the price. The bungee cord in the hem of my Fleece jacket from Scottevest detached from where it was stitched as soon as I took it out of the pack. After a further negative experience with them there are so many occasions when I could have bought from them, but just couldn’t be bothered.

    With the greatest regret I simply have not found their quality acceptable at any price level and definitely not at the price levels they charge.


    Lady London – we are happy to help you with your zipper problems and your detached lanyard! Please contact us at sales@scottevest.com and let us know the trouble you are having with your zipper, we can also send you a replacement keychain lanyard that will reattach to the fleece. If there are any defectives within two years from the purchase date we will be happy to replace or repair the garment!

  9. Scott
    Scott at |


    Since this post screams (and directly mentions) Ryan Air, what do you use for a carry-on? When I do find something that’s within their size limits, it’s still ~8 lbs, which is about 40% of the weight limit (leaving less for content). I’m thinking maybe a properly sized backpack would work best, eliminating the weight and space of wheels and a pull-out handle?

    GEE – would you care to suggest alternatives to ScottVest?