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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    Ok…confused. As a practical matter I will (probably) never cash in for an AAnytime award. My question is this – how does this 3 tier calendar impact SAAVer Awards? Since you’ve put SAAVer in Tier 2 does mean there will never be SAAVer space on a Tier 3 Day?

    I understand capacity controls and the like – but up until now AA has been reasonably good about opening up Saaver buckets closer in toward departure to reduce ‘spoilage.’ Should we expect they will refrain from this completely on Tier 3 days?

  2. ffi
    ffi at |

    This is the first practical analysis on the matter by someone not pushing his affiliate links.

    What AA has done (I think) is use historical analysis of data to predict demand and then knowing the high demand days, make it higher pain /cost to redeem for these days
    After all, since AA started the program to fill seats on empty planes, there is no point in giving the seats away on days you are going to sell out ultimately. So the prices are much higher then in advance.

    I would have been happier if there was an element of PWM as on DL for AA. and if they had called it off peak, saver, standard, high and peak/anytime and if the aanytime was related to cost at 1.5cpm on these days

    Also, I note that on UA (CO), one can get standard awards on partners even when one can not see any saver space (and I assume a partner award is always saver space), so UA must have an arrangement to pay more for more access to these seats, so they are allowing redemptions.

    GUWONDER at |

    Will “sAAver” awards be available on the US blackout dates?

  4. Chris
    Chris at |

    The fact that this is calendar-based is somewhat frustrating.

    If it’s the morning December 20th and I haven’t booked a trip for the holidays yet, I might try to do so. Until it’s clear they’ll be releasing more SAAver seats close-in (United is very good about this, American not so much), it would be disappointing to have to pay Level 3 rates for a flight departing in a few hours even when it’s going to depart with empty seats.

  5. Richard Chen
    Richard Chen at |

    Thank you for the thorough, detailed & numerical analysis which helps consumers fare better (pun intended). Public transparency benefits all.

  6. Kathleen
    Kathleen at |

    Thank you for the analysis. Can you please clarify what the white squares denote on the charts? I have already since different award levels for first class travel to Hawaii then are on the color chart.

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  8. Nun
    Nun at |

    This is a great analysis. Thank you for sharing. It sure seems like it’s an understatement though for AA to imply that Level 3 correspond to former US blackout dates. There seem to be a lot more than that. Level 3 is the blackout price and they’ve increased the number of them.

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  11. Ivan Y
    Ivan Y at |

    @ Seth — any idea if L1/L2/L3 dates vary based on a specific route (e.g. dates for flying from Dallas may be different than flying from Detroit) or is simply based on regions?

  12. ShoNuffHarlem
    ShoNuffHarlem at |

    So how does the new AA determine Saver availability? Great hard work fyi!

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