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  1. Hyacinthe
    Hyacinthe at |

    And the oneworld explorer award is gone, too.

  2. Alan
    Alan at |

    Took almost 3 hrs last night to book award trip to Hawaii last night. talked to 4 separate booking agents, spent 45 min. on hold at one point. Worst booking experience EVER! PLease southwest start flying to Hawaii SOON – American experience was awful and sucked way too many points to find a decent flight!

  3. downhillcrasher
    downhillcrasher at |

    What a shame, I love flying AA so much, but AAdvantage is such a poorly managed program. There is simply no need or upside to surprising your customers in this manner.

  4. Steve
    Steve at |

    That’s a lot of red! And I’d bet that they will have less saaver availability, and not much in tier 1 aanytime.

  5. Aptraveler
    Aptraveler at |

    Thanks for the write up. But this middle of the night change, it all sucks!

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  7. The captain
    The captain at |

    Any change to US and their RT only redemption?

  8. jason
    jason at |

    Check your level 3 values. I see 100,000 miles roundtrip domestic coach flights this summer. Where’s the outrage?

    1. K Johnson
      K Johnson at |

      Just booked a flight for our grand-daughter to fly from Santa Ana to DFW for June 28. Socked it to me 50,000 miles for one-way coach ticket. The mysterious Level 3 award. There were 80 available seats on the flight we booked. There were NO flight from Santa Ana allowing any redemption of miles, other than, at the Level 3 “SOCK IT TO YOU” award.

  9. Barbara
    Barbara at |

    Where’s the outrage over Elite USAirways flyers now being charge up to $100 each way – in addition to the miles required – to upgrade? Starting April 24 – that’s a low blow, and has devalued our mileage program greatly, with 2 weeks notice.

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