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  1. Ric Garrido
    Ric Garrido at |

    There was a study published earlier this year on Airbnb rentals in Texas. The study found that economy and midscale hotels are impacted most by Airbnb rentals. There is far less impact on upper upscale chain brands like Wstin, Hyatt and like.


  2. reeder
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    Venice, Italy is probably an interesting city to study when comparing local resident rental rates vs tourist rental rates and how it impacts local residents. Sure, some locals occasionally rent out a room or their flat while they’re gone but there’s also the property management teams/booking services which hold a large portions of the listings. Tourism growth edging out what locals are willing to pay has wider ripples, too, where tourist services replace everyday local services.

    There’s some interesting discussion around that here

  3. gbtrotter
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    Used AirBnB to book an apartment in London in about two weeks. The cost was about half of what a nearby 3-star chain hotel was charging. All the reviews were very positive so I’m looking forward to a positive experience. Fingers crossed.