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  1. Austin
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    This is great news! I’ve always enjoyed the service on EI–I think their crews are the friendliest among all of the trans-Atlantic carriers–and it looks like their hard product will now be quite competitive as well.

  2. Better By Design
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    Nice to see this – especially considering their improved financial performance and their explicit “call out” of other transatlantic carriers:

    “If you look at what other carriers are saying about the North Atlantic routes, they believe the market is over-supplied,” Aer Lingus spokesman Declan Kearney said. “That’s not what we’re experiencing.” – http://atwonline.com/finance-data/aer-lingus-narrows-first-half-losses

    “Long-haul passenger numbers rose 24% year on year in the second quarter and average revenue per seat was up almost 9%.”

    A valid point is made about the joy of pre-clearing US customs in Dublin… if you don’t have Global Entry, and of course, they actually fly to your home city.

    It’ll be interesting to see if they expand their SFO and YYZ summer season flights to year round, and what else they do to keep this momentum going.

    1. gee
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      Thanks Seth

      A question : In their cabins starting in March 2015, will these new seats be on flights from MCO to Shannon, Dublin & Manchester ?