Pointshound adds JetBlue, Cathay Pacific as partners

Chalk up another two partners on the earning front for hotel booking engine Pointshound. The company has added JetBlue‘s TrueBlue and Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles programs. This brings the number of hotel partners to 17, plus BitCoin as an 18th option.


Spot-checking a few different dates and cities the earning rates for the two new partners they appear to be within the ballpark of the other programs; higher than some and lower than others. But definitely competitive within a reasonable range. Here’s a comparison across 8 programs for a hotel in Tampa next week:


Also, turns out that I was giving bad info out about sign-on bonuses last time I shared something about Pointshound. Seems that the regular referral bonus is 250 points for you and the person referring you but my link gets 1,000 for each. Seems like a better deal if you’re interested. Or sign up without a bonus if you’re in to that.


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Seth Miller

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