This week’s strangest bonus miles offer

The part where ANA is giving out bonus miles when people to sign up for their credit card is pretty typical (though the 5,000 number is pretty stingy by most measures). It is the other half of the promo which I got in an email this week which I find interesting. If you sign up for TV Japan you can earn another 5,000 bonus miles.


Turns out that TV Japan is a feed of Japanese TV in the US and Canada, available on many cable systems and also via DISH satellite service.

TV JAPAN provides a rich lineup of programs and movies from the top Japanese networks and studios. NHK news coverage direct from Japan provides today’s top stories. TV JAPAN’s global satellite network can provide live coverage of breaking news and other emergencies affecting Japan to serve as a life-line to residents in North America.

TV JAPAN provides entertainment programs including Japanese hit movies, highly rated dramas, popular variety shows, exciting sporting events such as LIVE Grand Sumo Tournaments from J-pop to anime to kids shows and more.

And it is $25/month, so the 5,000 miles aren’t really a great offset of that cost. Oh, and it only counts if you also sign up for the CC first.

So definitely not a particularly lucrative sign-on bonus, but also definitely an entertaining one, at least to me. If you do happen to find it interesting click the big image above and you can read more straight from ANA.

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Seth Miller

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  1. For anyone interested in the CC, it is issued by First National Bank of Omaha (as evidenced by the Privacy Policy). So, it might possibly be of interest to someone who has maxed out all the “usual” CC banks in the US.

    Note that the ANA award chart is distance based, and ANA miles expire after 48(?) months with no possibility to extend.

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