Updates to Hyatt Award Alert Tool

My recently introduced Hyatt Awards Alerts tool has seen a lot of activity and a whole bunch of alerts sent out in just a couple weeks of service (thousands of award nights available!!). And it has also seen its share of bugs and enhancement requests. To that end I’ve made a few updates to the way it works.

The most commonly requested feature was to be able to specify a type of room. Turns out that wasn’t too hard to make happen. When you create or edit a search now that option will be available, assuming you’re a paid First Class member on the site. Just put in the room descriptor you want and only award rooms with that word in them will trigger the alert. Hyatt has a ton of different room types and they vary by property so I cannot easily put together a pick list. My recommendation is to use the shortest phrase possible which is also unique to your desires. Or find what you want on a different date and then use that room description to seed your alert setting.


The other main change is an administrative thing to handle certain date ranges where the system couldn’t figure out that the check-in and check-out dates were valid.

A couple other little things, too, but those are the main ones to be aware of.

Hope you enjoy the new features.

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Seth Miller

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  1. Hey Seth, I noticed first class now has a yearly fee, does this apply to all accounts prior to the change as well?

    1. First Class has always had a fee. The free version remains but this is a premium option for those who want a bit more control of what the alerts trigger for.

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