Club Carlson’s ridiculously limited 30% off sale

I always enjoy a good hotel sale announcement email. Mostly for what details they choose to not include in the message. So when I received a note from the folks at Club Carlson earlier today I was intrigued. They’re offering 30% off and I likely have need of a hotel in Europe later this year for a few nights so I figured I’ll take a look and see what is on offer.


To be fair, they do mostly intimate in the text that there are lots of restrictions. Phrases like “select dates” and “participating hotels” should be red flags. And there’s the confusing bit of selling summer as a time for adventure when the sale isn’t really for the summer season, but there is a mention of the Americas and Asia Pacific there, too.


Still, I took the bait and clicked through. I started with the Radisson Blu link as I know that’s the brand where I’m hoping to stay in Europe and I hadn’t gotten to the Asia Pacific line yet. There are only two participating hotels. And the dates available are ridiculously limited.


So that’s a waste of my time. What about the other brands? Well, there are more Radisson properties participating. And there are one or two in for the whole promo period. And then there are others, like these two:


Gee, thanks.

The other two brands are more of the same. Not a lot of love there with the number of properties offering up just a couple of days of participation in the promo.

I wasn’t really expecting to see 30% off worldwide for the entire date range; that’s probably a little unreasonable. But I was definitely expecting it to look a little better than this.

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Seth Miller

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  1. I didn’t even get the offer, but no worries, with my manufactured spending, I can have almost any radisson room for $100 per 2 nights tops, usually less for lesser brands.

  2. They constantly email with these lame offers, I am at the point where I delete their emails so quickly I probably will miss something useful if they ever send.

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