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  1. Greg
    Greg at |

    To be clear, they are putting seats beyond the forward zone on the 787? As in more than 20 biz seats total?

    Because if it’s just 20…ouch!

  2. Mike
    Mike at |

    I’m not following this design. So each seat is facing another seat either in the row in front or behind?

  3. erndog
    erndog at |

    “alternating between forward and rear facing rather than using the reverse herringbone layout of the prior generation of seats” – does anyone really want to sit in a seat facing towards the back? I don’t I would.

  4. Nick
    Nick at |

    What happens to those passenger already booked in First Class when they swap to only having a Business Class?

  5. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    What exactly did they patent?

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  7. Metanoia
    Metanoia at |

    (+) – they got rid of that horrible semi-adjustable headrest pillow on the 77W seat. That thing gave me the worst neck pain because it would not move as high as I needed it to

    (-) – they added the touch-screen remote that looks like it’s from the 32B. It never works.

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