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  1. Joey
    Joey at |

    Wait I’m a Presidential Circle member right now. Does that mean I get UA Plat or 1K status on United due to the status reciprocity?

  2. Nick
    Nick at |

    I’ve had Hertz 5 Star gold for a few years and it’s not measurably different in any aspect than regular membership, ie regular Hertz gold. With the flood of new members PC status will effectively become what 5 Star is now. The extra miles is the only real benefit, then again I suspect UA to trend towards Delta in their redemption experience so let’s not get too excited.

  3. Gene
    Gene at |

    Thanks for posting this Seth. This is good news. As a 1K, I’ve found the absolutely free reciprocal Marriott Gold benefits to be of much more value than expected. Hopefully, Hertz Presidents Circle will prove to deliver similar benefits. I held this Hertz status two years ago, and I definitely noticed a difference in treatment.

    The beautiful thing with United now is that if you are MM+ and Platinum or higher, you AND your spouse are UA Plat or higher, Marriott Gold, and Hertz Presidential Circle. Nice Deal for one person achieving MM and maintaining Plat or higher status.

    Love to United…..

    Hmm, why aren’t certain bloggers singing UA’s praise?……….

  4. Alan
    Alan at |

    Seems a very one-sided deal (unlike some of the other partnerships) and sounds like 5* will be yet further devalued!