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  1. Sice
    Sice at |

    That’s a beautifully desolate drive…one we’ve gotten very familiar with making Disney trips from SLC. Just make sure you drive the right directions at peak times; SoCal likes to visit LAS on the weekends and the traffic, even in the middle of nowhere, is AWFUL! And you’d be surprised the tour bus traffic at the Barstow In-N-Out!

  2. Ric Garrido
    Ric Garrido at |

    Sice beat me to the comment. You don’t know the Barstow to Vegas drive until you have tried going to Las Vegas on a Friday night or leaving Las Vegas on a Sunday. It took my parents over 8 hours on their last trip driving LA to Vegas. I recall crawling one year for 250 miles over Thanksgiving weekend.

    The past couple of years I have taken to driving to and from Monterey through Death Valley National Park and across the Sierra Mountains at Lake Isabella into Bakersfield to avoid the weekend traffic.

  3. Christian
    Christian at |

    Just don’t stop in bat country.